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A small computer lab is available at the Ceramic and Metal Arts building and provides a work space for all students taking courses at the CMA. It has 24-hour access and can be used to work on digital projects with the same suite of software tools found in all School of Art, Art History, and Design (SOAAHD) computing labs.

The CMA computer lab has two Apple iMac workstations, scanning equipment, laser printer, and access to the shared storage network linked to all student computers at the SOAAHD. You can begin a project in any lab, save to the shared network storage volume, and continue working on it at any other SOAAHD lab. 

The CMA has an extensive variety of kilns, digital equipment, and ceramic/metal art tools available for use, and some for check out, while at the facility.


Students are responsible for repair or replacement costs related to damage, theft, or loss of all equipment checked out from the SoACC. This includes digital cameras and digital video cameras. Please be careful with these devices so that they continue to be available for use.


All personal work must be saved on your student Dante account, UW Drive, USB mini-drive, CD/R, CD/RW, DVD-R disks, or external hard drive. We provide temporary storage on a Network volume — ArtStudent_share (note that this storage area is not backed up and is meant for temporary storage only if you need to access the file(s) from another student-managed computer before storing on your own media or other storage location). If you need assistance with systems or software in the lab please see one of the lab monitors.

Remember to remove your files from the SoACC network storage area (ArtStudent_share) at the end of each quarter!


Policies regarding use of the School of Art Computing Labs can be found here


SoA Ceramics & Metal Arts Facility
4205 Mary Gates Memorial Drive NE


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