Doctoral Degree / PhD Dissertations


Marvin Anderson
Adviser: Meredith Clausen
“The Society of Beaux-Arts Architects and Academic Ideals in Early Twentieth-Century American Architecture”

Daniele di Lodovico
Advisers: Stuart Lingo, Estelle Lingo, Ivan Drpic
“Wooden Sculptures and the Making of Devotion in Central Italy of the XII-XV Centuries”

Erin Giffin
Advisers: Stuart Lingo, Estelle Lingo, Ivan Drpić, Ann Huppert
“Body and Apparition: Material Presence in Sixteenth-Century Italian Religious Sculpture”

Darlene Martin
Adviser: Susan Casteras
“An Alternate Aestheticism: Japonisme and Popular Imagery in Britain, America and France, 1860-1910”

Lauren Palmor
Adviser: Susan Casteras
“Shadows and Light: Seeing Senescence in American and British Genre Painting, c. 1850-1910”

Sarah Titus
Advisers: Peg Laird, Ili Nagy
“Genetrix et mater superstitionum: The bulla as apotropaic device in Etruscan votives”

Amanda Waterman
Adviser: Susan Casteras
“Neo-Victorianism: The Final Generations”


Spring 2015

Kimberly Hereford
Adviser: Susan Casteras
"Sleep, Sickness, and Spirituality: Altered States and Victorian Visions of Femininity in British and American Art, 1850-1915"

Autumn 2014

Lucienne Dorrance Auz
Adviser: Patricia Failing
"An International Firebrand: Germano Celant’s Role as Radical Critic, Innovative Curator and Contemporary Art Historian"

Alexis Ruth Culotta
Adviser: Stuart Lingo
""Finding Rome in Rome": Reexamining Raphael’s Transformation Through His Roles at the Villa Farnesina"

Winter 2014

Barbara Johns
Adviser: Susan Casteras
"Place and Identity in the Work of Three Japanese American Artists: Kenjiro Nomura, Kamekichi Tokita, and Takuichi Fujii"

Autumn 2013

Dana Garvey,
Adviser: Susan Casteras
"Edwin Lord Weeks: An American Artist in British India"