Masters Degree / Degree Requirements

The Master of Arts (MA) program offers both thesis and nonthesis tracks in Art History. The thesis track requires a minimum of 55, and the nonthesis track 65, graduate level credits.

A PDF of the document Requirements for the Master of Arts Degree is available to download.


A Minimum of Five Numerically Graded Credits in Four of Five Major Areas

—African and Native American
—East Asian
—Ancient, Classical, and Medieval
—Italian and Northern Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo
—late 18th-century to the present.

A minimum of 15 credits in graduate-level seminars, including at least one seminar each in a Western and a non-Western area; also, methodology seminars to be taken in Autumn and Winter Quarters of the first year.
Students in the thesis track, at least 10 credits of ART H 700 (Master’s Thesis); for the nonthesis track, at least 10 credits of ART H 598 (Master’s Practicum).

All degree candidates are required to demonstrate an intermediate level proficiency in French, German, Italian or Spanish, or in Chinese or Japanese where appropriate. The proficiency is demonstrated by passing a language exam as soon as possible in the course of your studies. Students who expect to pursue a PhD should also acquire a research capability in a second language appropriate to the student’s area of study.

The thesis may be an extension of a seminar paper and must demonstrate the student’s ability to conduct rigorous research, indicate familiarity with bibliographical and reference materials, and show a capacity for the synthesis and critical evaluation of the material under consideration.

The practicum must evidence the student’s practical or theoretical knowledge of some aspects of art in historical or contemporary situations, and may take any of a variety of forms, either within or outside the academic offerings of the University, e.g., a curatorial project in a public art museum or the publication of critical, educational or other writings.

These requirements are minimum MA requirements for the Division of Art History. To be eligible for a degree in the Graduate School, a gradepoint average of 3.0 in numerically graded courses numbered 500 and above is required.