3D4M / Alumni + Careers

Many of the Ceramics alumni have established significant careers in the arts. Alumni are continually featured in national and international exhibitions. Recent honors and distinctions include two Fulbright grants.

Faculty appointments include: The Kansas City Art Institute, Emily Carr College of Art and Design/Vancouver, B.C., Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Kalamazoo College, University of Colorado/Boulder, Western Oregon University, University of Illinois/Champaign, Herron School of Art, University of Texas/Austin, University of South Florida, San Diego State University, California State University/Chico, University of Washington, Green River Community College, South Seattle Community College, Bellevue Community College, Edmonds Community College, The Lakeside School, Evergreen State College, SUNY/Purchase.

3D4M MFA Alumni

Alicia Basinger                            
Ryan Berg
Leo Berk                                   
Chris Birnie
Evan Blackwell                    
John Byrd                                
Tom Cieciorka
Julia Cole                                 
Katie Cox
Drew Daly                              
Kate Clark
Rachel de Conde
Marc Digeros                         
Eric Eley                                  
Andrew Fallat                       
Barbara Florez                      
Jacob Foran                             
Jason Gover
Mandy Greer                         
Noah Grussgot                      
Mary Harden
Gerald Heniff
Ben Hirschkoff
Ayumi Horie
Ryan Horvath
Billy Howard  
Jason Huff          
Frank Jacques
Satomi Jin
Amy Johnson
Carrie Kaufman
Laura Keil 
Rumi Koshino
James LaChance
Susie Lee 
Sarah Lindley
Kris Lyons
Adam Lee Matthew
Christopher McElroy
Hunter McGee
Margaret Meehan
Paul Metevier
Matt Mitros     
Yuki Nakamura 
Zanne Nelson
Nuala Ni Fhlathuin
Alwyn O’Brien
Tony Pazzi
Jeanne Quinn
Luis Raposo
Debbie Reichard
Cynthia Reynolds
Lisa Rickey
Phil Roach
Jodi Rockwell
Tim Roda
George Rodriguez
Tammie Rubin 
Yi-Shul Shin
Bryan Schoneman
Arun Sharma
Mike Simi
Tony Sonnenberg
Diane Sullivan
James Sumey
Tara Thacker
Timea Tihanyi
Scott Trimble
Matt Van Horn
Kristine Veith
Kinu Watanabe  
Ben Waterman


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