3D4M / Courses

The School of Art offers a wide array of Studio Art, Art History and Design courses. Students interested in the tracks within 3D4M should consult the Degree Requirements section of this website for information on required courses.

A detailed list of courses offered by the School of Art, from which 3D4M students may choose, is available in the Online Course Catalog: ARTART HISTORY

Please note:  Due to space and resource limitations, during the regular school year we are unable to offer studio courses to non-matriculated students. Non-matriculated students are welcome during the summer quarter.  Auditors are not allowed in studio courses.

ART 201 Intro Ceramics: Handbuilding (5 Credits) 

Introduction to handbuilding; kiln firing and glazing processes. Examination of contemporary sculpture in clay.

ART 202 Intro Ceramics: Wheel Throwing (5 Credits)

Introduction to wheel throwing and glazing as a means to explore functional and conceptual considerations with clay in a contemporary context.

ART 233 Intro to Glass (5 Credits)

Introduction to the material of glass as an art material. This studio class will explore numerous methods of glass forming including fusing, slumping, kiln casting, lamp-working and cold-working. Students will be introduced to the use of glass kilns, annealing procedures and safe working practices in the glass studio.

ART 272 3D4M Studio: Materials in Real Space (5 Credits)

This course will introduce three-dimensional concepts and a critical, formal vocabulary in the pursuit of individual expression. Through discussions, lectures, research assignments and critiques, students will be better equipped to respond to contemporary sculptural issues and begin to position themselves and their work within a larger cultural context.

ART 273 Intro to Sculpture: Structures (5 Credits)

An introduction to creating, combining, and challenging structures and forms. Materials range from wood, steel, plastics and glass to rubbers, fabrics and found objects. This course is guided by a sequence of technical demos, studio facility equipment and specific sculptural concepts applicable to materiality, form, object, structure, scale and connections.

ART 332 Intermediate Sculpture (5 Credits)

Studio practice focusing on sculptural installation in architectural, urban, and natural settings; foundry, forging, and advanced fabrications; and movement, kinetics, and interaction.

ART 333 New Materials and Processes in Glass (5 Credits)

Explorations in the use of glass as a means of artistic expression. Students will investigate various glass forming methodologies and material properties. Topics will rotate and may include mold-making, kiln casting, photo processes, mixed media, cold fabrication, enamels, cold-working, hot glass practices and sculptural applications.

ART 353 Intermediate Ceramics (5 Credits, Max. 20)

Rotating curriculum that explores a variety of ceramic processes and conceptual development including: press and slip molds, glaze formulation, multiples and installation, tiles and bricks, intermediate wheel, time, space, scale.

ART 453 3D4M Senior Studio (5 Credits, Max. 20)

This course is a team taught four-quarter sequence focused on individual studio projects and also includes seminar topics, source presentations, field trips, professional practices and culminates with the BFA thesis exhibition.