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Interdisciplinary Visual Art majors may plan to take studio classes in fibers, printmaking, painting and drawing, sculpture, ceramics, and glass. A detailed list of courses offered by the school, from which IVA majors may choose, is available in the Online Course Catalog: ARTART HISTORY

The Interdisciplinary Visual Arts program has developed and teaches a number of innovative courses with a mixed media, cross-disciplinary approach, combining both traditional and digital new technologies specifically designed for their majors. These classes are listed below.

Please note:  Due to space and resource limitations during the regular school year, we are unable to offer studio courses to non-matriculated students.  Non-matriculated students are welcome during summer quarter. Auditors are not allowed in studio courses.

ART 101 Narratives in Art and Design (5)

Introduces the practice of art and design through active participation in the space, activities, and resources of the Henry Art Gallery. Develops knowledge of the working methods and accomplishments of artists and designers and helps students translate conceptual ideas into creative solutions.

ART 126 Topics in Studio Art (5)

Studio-based class introducing students, through particular studio practice of individual instructors, to methods of visual awareness, principles of organization, and approaches to visual and conceptual observation. Relationship between art history and contemporary art practice. Artistic medium in each class varies with instructor expertise.

ART 131 Alternative Approaches to Art + Design (5, max. 20)

Presentation of process through which artists discover and translate ideas, feelings, and concerns into images or objects. Use of a wide variety of methods and approaches, from traditional to technological, to promote visual expression. Discussion and critiques leading toward better understanding the creative process.

ART 246 Works on Paper/Monotype (5)

Introduces contemporary imaging methods, expands traditional drawing methods, and encourages relationship of content to structure. Introduces relationship of printmaking and painting to drawing through monotype methods.

ART 260 Influences in Contemporary Art (5)

Introduction to recurring themes and practices in the visual arts. Moves beyond medium-based categories, surveying a diverse range of issues that motivate artists and create content in contemporary art. Examines the importance and influence of the visual arts in the larger context of contemporary culture and society.

ART 355 Materials in Context for Interdisciplinary Practice (5)

Focuses on exploring the meanings, uses, and visual/sculptural potentials of both traditional and innovative new materials, both natural and man-made.

ART 360 Topics in Studio Art and Practice (5, max. 20)

Examines a variety of cutting edge, emerging, and interdisciplinary approaches in studio art and practice. Topics vary.

ART 365 Social Practice (5)

Introduces overlapping territories of art and social practice, the practice of Socially Engaged Art. Focuses on environmentalism, consumerism, economies, society and culture, activism, and the place for creative practice in our contemporary life.

ART 395 The Creative Process: Strategies and Outcomes (5)

Explores the nature of the creative process in the visual arts. Focuses on experiential learning through projects of ideation, experimentation, problem solving, editing, and creating narrative meanings.

ART 400 Interdisciplinary Visual Arts Senior Studio (5, max. 15)

Focuses on the development of exhibition quality artwork, culminating in a group show. Covers curatorial issues, installation, and presentation. Assignments are designed to strengthen oral presentation skills, artist’s written statement, critiquing abilities, and ability to place work within a larger art historical framework.

ART 457 Artist Handmade Books (5)

The creative and structural development of an artist’s book. Focuses on issues of sequential imagery, conceptual development, and the relationship between work and image.

ART 496 Art Internship (1-5, max. 10)

Internships in conjunction with Art faculty and partners in the large visual arts community. Credit/no-credit only.

ART 497 Study Abroad-Studio Individual Projects (3-10, max. 20)

ART 498 Individual Projects – Art (2-5, max. 15)

IVA Honors Track


  • Declared IVA major
  • 15 credits of studio art completed at UW
  • Minimum GPA: 3.3 UW / 3.5 ART
  • At least 20 credits remaining in studio art requirements before applying to honors

For application deadlines, requirements and information about how to submit materials, download the IVA Honors Track Information.

When you are ready to apply and submit your materials online, please visit the IVA Honors Track Application dropbox.