Painting + Drawing / Alumni + Careers

Since 2000, graduates of the Painting + Drawing program have been admitted to MFA programs at American University, Boston University, Claremont Graduate School, Indiana University, Massachusetts College of Art, Rutgers University, Southern Methodist University, SUNY Albany, Tyler School of Art, University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Yale University, California College of Arts and Crafts, Brandeis University, University of Illinois-Chicago.

BFA Painting + Drawing graduates have received at least 30 prestigious awards, grants, fellowships and residencies, including Kathy Liao who was awarded an Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Fellowship, Montréal, Canada ($15,000), King County Arts Fellowship ($3,000), and a Northwest Watercolor Foundation Award ($1,000).

BA and BFA Painting + Drawing graduates have continued to gain recognition through the exhibitions of their work, have received favorable critical attention locally, nationally and internationally.

Since 2000, at least 18 recent BFA degree recipients have gained university job placements, including:

Clint Jukkala (BFA painting 1996), Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Yale University School of Art
Joe Wardwell (BFA painting 1996), Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Brandeis University


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