Painting + Drawing / Courses

The school offers a wide array of studio art, art history and design courses. Students interested in the Painting + Drawing major should consult the Degree Requirements section of this website for information on required courses.

A detailed list of courses offered by the school, from which Painting + Drawing majors may choose, is available in the Online Course Catalog: ARTART HISTORY

Please note:  Due to space and resource limitations during the regular school year, we are unable to offer studio courses to non-matriculated students. Non-matriculated students are welcome during summer quarter. Auditors are not allowed in studio courses.

ART 190 Introduction to Drawing (5 Credits) VLPA

Builds basic drawing skills, develops understanding of primary concepts which relate to drawing and develops an understanding of the grammar or syntax of two-dimensional language. Students move beyond their current knowledge and abilities and link new skills, concepts, and understandings to creative expressing.

ART 191 Color Studies Studio (5 Credits) VLPA

Examination of color as a distinct visual phenomenon with investigations of its practical, theoretical, and illusionary aspects. Employs various media and materials in exercises and compositions that demonstrate properties of color structure, symbolism, and perception and the potential application to art and design.

ART 290 Beginning Drawing: The Figure (5 Credits) VLPA

Introduction to the human figure as historically traditional subject matter as well as an important component in self expression. Covers proportion, foreshortening, and composition. Prerequisite: ART 190.

ART 291 Beginning Drawing Topics (5 Credits) VLPA

Revolving topics in the study of drawing at the beginning level Prerequisite: ART 190. Not open for credit to students having taken ART 290.

ART 292 Beginning Painting (5 Credits) VLPA

Beginning oil painting. Prerequisite: ART 290.

ART 390 Intermediate Drawing (5 Credits, Max. 10) VLPA

Prerequisite: ART 290.

ART 391 Intermediate Drawing Topics (5 Credits) VLPA

Revolving topics in the study of drawing at the intermediate level. Prerequisite: either ART 290 or ART 291.

ART 392 Intermediate Painting (5 Credits, Max. 10) VLPA

Prerequisite: ART 293, ART 390.

ART 393 Intermediate Painting Topics (5 Credits) VLPA

Revolving topics in the study of painting at the intermediate level. Prerequisite: ART 392.

ART 458 Alternative Approaches to Drawing (5 Credits) VLPA

Advanced works-on-paper class. Focuses on drawing issues such as formal process, working methods, conceptual development, and practical working applications.

ART 490 Advanced Drawing (5 Credits, Max. 15) VLPA

Study at an advanced level involving history, practice, and theory of drawing as an art form. Prerequisite: either ART 265 or ART 390.

ART 492 Advanced Painting: The Figure (5 Credits, Max. 10) VLPA

Drawing and painting from the model. Prerequisite: ART 390; ART 392.

ART 493 Advanced Painting Topics (5 Credits) VLPA

Revolving topics in the study of painting at the advanced level. Prerequisite: either ART 390 or ART 391; either ART 392 or ART 393.

ART 494 Senior Seminar in Painting and Drawing (5 Credits, Max. 15) VLPA

Development of individuality in painting through creative exercises. Prerequisite: ART 492.

ART 496 Art Internship (2-5 Credits, Max. 10)

Faculty supervised fieldwork in art related activities. Credit/no credit only.

ART 497 Study Abroad—Studio Individual Projects (3-10 Credits, Max. 20) VLPA

ART 498 Individual Projects—Art (2-5 Credits, Max. 15)