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Our undergraduate and graduate students have been the recipients of numerous awards including the top awards for artists in Washington State. These include The Betty Bowen Award, Artist Trust Washington State Fellowship Awards, 4Culture Awards, and Creative Capital Grants. Our students are represented in the best galleries in Seattle including  James Harris Gallery, Greg Kucera Gallery, Lawrimore Projects, GGibson, the Henry Art Gallery permanent collection, Platform Gallery, Soil, and 4Culture Gallery. Students have had solo and group exhibitions in hundreds of venues nationally and internationally, including in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. 

The range of career paths taken by our students is broad. Our graduates and undergrads become curators, arts administrators, business professionals, journalists, producers, professors and teachers. Our undergraduates have been accepted into prestigious graduate schools including UCLA, Cal Arts, The San Francisco Art Institute, The Chicago Art Institute, Yale Norfolk Program of Yale University, Rochester Institute of Technology, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, University of New Mexico, Harvard University School of Architecture, UCLA, University of Wisconsin, and Arizona State University to name a few. Our students have gone on to teach at major institutions including Kansas City Art Institute, Columbia College Chicago, Rutgers, University of New Mexico, University of Oregon, University of North Carolina, Rhode Island School of Design, UC Irvine.

These individuals and their corresponding websites show a range of artistic work by the numerous alumni who have received MFA or BFA degrees in the Photomedia program.

Photomedia Alumni

Eden Batki
Shannon Benine
Zack Bent
Erin Elyse Burns
Maggie Carson Romano
Michelle Chong
Neil Chowdhury
Jeff DeGolier
Chris Engman
Eroyn Franklin
Jeff Guess
Sol Hashemi
Thom Heileson
Harrison Higgs
Jason Hirata
Kevin Hoth
Derrick Jefferies
Eirik Johnson
Max Kraushaar
Kate Kunath
Isaac Layman
Jeffrey Lopez
Martina Lopez
Patrick Manning
Allison Manch
Anne Mathern
Emily Momohara
Fred Muram
Peter Nelson
Charles Peterson
Keeara Rhoades
Susan Robb
Joyce Rudinsky
Ariana Page Russell
Serrah Russell
Julia Salamonik
Ross Sawyers
Adam Satushek
Gregory Schaffer
Todd Simeone
Michael Van Horn
Jennifer Zwick


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