Photomedia / Courses

The School of Art offers a wide array of Studio Art, Art History and Design courses. A detailed list of courses offered by the School of Art, from which Photography majors may choose, is available in the Online Course Catalog: ARTART HISTORY

The Photomedia major emphasizes a wide range of conceptual and technical practices. We consciously promote an understanding of the history of photography in its current artistic, social and cultural context, which includes exposure to a range of media practices, including video and installation work.

The program offers basic equipment instruction in lighting, large format digital and analog practices, and a technical grounding in contemporary digital image processing and manipulation.

A combination of studio, lecture and seminar format classes are offered sequentially to prepare students for a senior thesis project lasting three quarters and culminating in a BFA group show at the School of Art’s Jacob Lawrence Gallery. The Photomedia program also offers a highly competitive departmental honors program with additional challenges and requirements. These include participation in graduate seminars and an individually arranged one-person show.

Please note: With the exception of ART 140, ART 338, and ART 361 all Photomedia courses are reserved for majors only during the regular school year. Non-majors and non-matriculated students are welcome during the summer quarter.

Year One

Spring Quarter: Art 140 Basic Photography

Art 140 is an introduction to the theory, techniques and processes of still photography with a digital camera. Course content will emphasize photography’s potential for self-expression and creative problem solving in an artistic context. Image output will include digital prints and on-line presentations.

Year Two

Autumn Quarter

Offered every autumn for presently enrolled students selected out of Art 140 and transfer students selected by portfolio from their previous college:

Art 241 Intermediate Photography. An introduction to studio lighting, medium and large format analog cameras, scanning and printing.

Art 338 Photography: Theory and Criticism. A survey of the history and continually evolving properties of photography as a cultural language and art making tool, from its beginnings in the 1830′s to the digital imaging of today.

Winter Quarter

Following acceptance into the Photomedia BFA student complete the following classes:

Art 340 Digital Imaging I. Introduction to the creative use of 2-D image manipulation and transformation of photographic and non-photographic imagery

Art 342 Contemporary Issues in Photography. A non-studio, reading, writing, discussion class covering issues of the cultural use of photography as well as examples of current photographic fine art practice.

Spring Quarter

Art 341 Digital Imaging II. Advanced topics in 2-D imaging, with emphasis on creative exploration of both software tools and possible integration with traditional art media.

Year Three

Autumn Quarter

Art 343 Advanced Photography. Concepts and techniques of contemporary extended photographic practice will be introduced, including basic video and experimental techniques.

Winter Quarter

Art 343 Advanced Photography — Installation. Introduction to cross-disciplinary possibilities, and contextual issues in the presentation of art works. For example, a possible collaboration project with the art program at Harborview Medical Center, and/or work created for specific 3D space.

Spring Quarter

Art 440 Senior Thesis. First quarter — Focus will be on independent working methods and experimental research towards a BFA Thesis project.

Year Four

Autumn Quarter

Art 440 Senior Thesis. Second quarter — Focusing in on a unifying methodology and approach to the BFA Thesis work.

Winter Quarter

Art 440 Senior Thesis. Third quarter — Primary focus is the development and resolution of a cohesive body of work and participation in the BFA exhibition.

Spring Quarter