Stack of industrial design drawings
Industrial Design / MDes Program

The newly reinstated University of Washington Industrial Design graduate program is a two-year course of study that leads to a Master’s of Design degree. The program encourages students to further develop their conceptual skill and to expand their knowledge of theory and practice; helps students develop the technical skills and facility with tools employed in contemporary design ideation, observation in field settings, and design problem identification and response; allows for experimentation with media; and promotes personal investigation on an advanced level. The program seeks to train the industrial designer as leaders and innovators in today’s interdisciplinary and multifaceted design process.

The core curriculum comprises studio courses, seminars and independent study, and proceeds thematically according to a series of key issues that define each quarter.

Funding Opportunities

ID graduate students have the opportunity to be a teaching assistant for at least two of the six quarters that they are in residence. This provides valuable teaching experience, as well as a tuition waiver and stipend. The department also offers merit-based scholarships, funds for international travel and funds for individual project support.

More Information

For questions about the application process, please contact the School of Art Graduate Advisor, Ann Langford-Fuchs, at

“The UW Design program provided me with countless opportunities for development. Every faculty member I worked with, each with diverse interests and backgrounds, was genuinely interested in my academic and professional growth.”

JT, 2010