Graduate / Teaching Assistants

The Division is pleased to offer several teaching and research assistantships for qualified graduate students. As a teaching or research assistant, graduate students receive a tuition waiver and stipend to assist a faculty member with undergraduate teaching or funded research. Graduate students often find assistantships to be a valuable experience during their course of study.

The Division of Design also offers generous merit-based fellowships and scholarships to qualified applicants throughout the two-year period of study. These funds may cover tuition, special project/thesis expenses, travel to conferences and/or study abroad opportunities, such as the UW Rome program in Design.  

Applicants to the MDes program do not need to apply for TA positions. Students admitted to the program are automatically considered for Teaching Assistant positions.

“As a Teaching Assistant for foundation-level design courses, I had first-hand experience teaching in lecture halls, leading group critiques and talking one-on-one with students. It's exciting to get to teach students that are new to design, and working with faculty on how to create effective learning experiences certainly translates to my work now and in the future.”

Amy, 2011