Undergraduate / Admissions

Students wishing to enter the Bachelors of Design program at UW must be either:
—A currently enrolled UW student
—A transfer student who has applied for admission to the UW for Autumn Quarter. Note that students from UW Bothell or UW Tacoma are classified as transfer students.
—A post-bac student who has applied for admission to the UW for Autumn Quarter

Current UW students must take DES 166, Design Foundations to be eligible to apply for the Design program. This course is offered during both the winter and spring quarters. All students who receive a 3.7 or above in this course are automatically accepted into the Design major. Students who receive less than a 3.7 may participate in the annual UW Design Entrance Workshop.

Transfer and post-bac students (including students from UW Bothell or UW Tacoma) may not enroll in the DES 166 course on the UW Seattle campus. These students should apply to the UW Design program via the Design Entrance Workshop. Please note that the UW Design program cannot accept transfer and post-bac students who have not already applied to the University of Washington for admission in Autumn Quarter. To be eligible for the Design program, transfer and post-bac must meet the minimum UW standards for admission.

Students should have 90 or fewer credits when applying for the Design Program. If you do not meet this or any of the above requirements, please see an art adviser to discuss your options.

Eligible UW, transfer and post-bac students must apply to the Division of Design by attending the annual Spring Entrance Workshop.

At the workshop, students will be required to submit a written application comprised of the following elements:
—Five to ten samples of previous design work
—A letter of intention outlining your interest in the field of design
—A resume summarizing your educational and extracurricular experiences
—All college transcripts (unofficial transcripts accepted)

For more information on the written application and the Entrance Workshop, please visit the Entrance Workshop information page.

After the Spring Entrance Workshop, design faculty will select approximately 55-60 students to populate all Design majors (VCD, ID and IxD). These new Design students will enter into a year-long sophomore design curriculum — a series of six courses that addresses broad themes and issues in design concepts, methods and values.

At the end of the sophomore year, all Design sophomores will be selected into the specific design majors (VCD, ID and IxD) based on a faculty review of their interests and demonstrated abilities.

Please note that design students must maintain satisfactory progress throughout this sophomore year.

“Before my time in the UW Design Program, I had never been surrounded by so many people fueled by a passion for what they do and a passion to do it well. There is no environment more inspiring to be in than that.”

Tanya, 2010

“My experience with the Division of Design helped prepare me for a career in the real world. My professors were attentive and pushed me to improve and learn every step of the way. Since originally I wasn't sure what discipline I wanted to study, the year spent exploring all three choices helped give me a better overall direction for my studies.”

Imri, 2011