Interaction Design / Degree Requirements

The Interaction Design program offers a Bachelor of Design (BDes) degree. To graduate with a degree from the University of Washington, students must successfully complete at least 180 course credits. All undergraduates complete a combination of major requirements, general education requirements, and electives. This breakdown is outlined below.


Year One

DES 166 Design Foundations (5 Credits)

Year Two

DES 207 Design Drawing (5 Credits)
DES 208 Design History (5 Credits)
DES 209 Typography (5 Credits)
DES 210 Color + Composition (5 Credits)
DES 211 Introduction to Interaction Design (5 Credits)
DES 212 Human Centered Design (5 Credits)

Year Three

DES 381 Case Studies in Interaction Design (5 Credits)
DES 383 Foundations of Interaction Design (5 Credits)
DES 384 Information Visualization for Interaction Design (5 Credits)
DES 385 Design Innovation and Society (5 Credits)
DES 386 Visual Storytelling (5 Credits)
DES 387 Physical Computing (5 Credits)

Year Four

DES 481 Field Studies in Interaction Design (5 Credits)
Elective 1 (Human-Computer Interaction oriented course or equivalent outside the Division of Design, 5 Credits)
DES 483 Advanced Projects in Interaction Design (5 Credits)
Elective 2 (Human-Computer Interaction oriented course or equivalent outside the Division of Design, 5 Credits)
DES 484 Senior / Degree Interaction Design Project (5 Credits)
DES 488 Portfolio Preparation (3 Credits)

Art History Courses (10 Credits)



English Composition (5 Credits)
Additional Writing (‘w’ courses) (10 Credits)
Quantintative and Symbolic Reasoning (5 Credits)
Foreign Language (0-15 Credits)
Areas of Knowledge (75 Credits)
Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts; Individuals and Societies; Natural World

More details about General Education requirements are outlined in the Overview of Requirements for an Undergraduate Degree


In addition to the above listed general education requirements and major coursework, students take elective courses across the curriculum to supplement their education. The number of elective credits vary from student to student depending on variations in course of study. Students must take at least as many electives as complete the difference between general education requirements, major requirements, and the 180 credit minimum to graduate from the UW.

For more information about the undergraduate design majors and their requirements, please reference the major requirements chart PDF

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