Exhibit – Artists from Prographica

January 9 – February 6, 2013
reception: Wednesday, January 9, 3-7pm
Bellevue College Gallery Space, Bellevue

In addition to co-organizing an exhibition at Koplin Del Rio in Los Angeles, Painting + Drawing Professor Emeritus Norman Lundin has organized a local show of work by artists from his Prographica gallery. This exhibition includes work by three Division of Art faculty—David Brody (Painting + Drawing), Ellen Garvens (Photomedia), and Philip Govedare (Painting + Drawing)—in addition to work by Lundin. Several alumni are also included in the show. Below is a list of those people. If we have missed someone, please let us know.

Kimberly Clark (MFA 2011)
Eric Elliott (MFA 2007)
Tamblyn Gawley (MFA 2012)
Phillip Levine (MFA 1961)
Dale Lindman (MFA 1982)
Robert Maki (MFA 1966)
Sean McElroy (MFA 2011)
Elizabeth Ockwell (BFA 1967)
Anne Petty (MFA 2009)
Ren Sun (MFA 2010)
Linda Thomas (BFA 1985, MFA 1996)
Kimberly Trowbridge (MFA 2006)

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