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Photomedia Degree Requirements

The Photomedia program offers a BFA degree. To graduate with a degree from the University of Washington, students must successfully complete at least 180 credits. All undergraduates complete a combination of major requirements, general education requirements, and electives. This breakdown is outlined below.

Photomedia (80 credits required for major)

Please note: the requirements listed below are current, but will be undergoing some exciting new changes which are in the process of Washington State approval. Prospective undergraduates who are planning to major in Art, as well as current art majors, are welcome to contact SoA+AH+D Advising (uaskart@uw.edu) for more information.

Introductory Courses

ART 140: Beginning Photography (5 Credits)
Upon completion of Art 140, faculty will review all portfolios and select 30-40 students to continue with the selection process in autumn quarter.

Intermediate Courses

ART 240: Intermediate Photo I (5 Credits)
ART 241: Intermediate Photo II (5 Credits)
ART 242: Intermediate Photo III (5 Credits)

Intermediate/Advanced Courses

ART 340: Digital Imaging I (15 Credits)
ART 361: Contemporary Issues (5 Credits)
ART 440: Senior Thesis in Photomedia (15 Credits)
Studio Art or Related Electives (10 Credits)
Art History Courses (15 Credits)

General Education Requirements

English Composition (5 Credits)
Additional Writing (‘w’ courses) (10 Credits)
Quantintative and Symbolic Reasoning (5 Credits)
Foreign Language (0-15 Credits)

Areas of Knowledge (75 Credits)

Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts; Individuals and Societies; Natural World
More details about General Education requirements are outlined in the Overview of Requirements for an Undergraduate Degree


In addition to the above listed general education requirements and major coursework, students take elective courses across the curriculum to supplement their education. The number of elective credits vary from student to student depending on variations in course of study. Students must take at least as many electives as complete the difference between general education requirements, major requirements, and the 180 credit minimum to graduate from the UW.