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ART 292 A: Beginning Painting

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MW 8:30am - 11:20am
ART 320
Ann Gale
Ann Gale

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Ann Gale
Professor, Painting and Drawing
Office 306
School of Art + Art History + Design



Art 292: Beginning Painting is a studio course concentrating on basic oil painting issues and materials.  Methods of paint application and choice of supports are introduced.  Emphasis is on the understanding and development of form, space and light within a painting.  Students will develop perceptual skills by working from direct observation with a specific concentration on color interaction and color mixing.


Ability to develop compositions with simplified value relationships.

Observe and mix color relationships.

Build and prepare painting support.

Use of color and mark-making to create the sensation of light and space.

Participate in and develop constructive critique


During midterm and final review of work, students will be evaluated on demonstrated ability, creative use of the medium and illustrated understanding of issues and concepts covered.  Participation during class and critique discussion and participation in both individual and group critiques is required.

Assignments will concentrate on observing and reacting to specific situations of form, space and light.  These will take the form of in class still-life and interiors, though emphasis will be on a more abstract understanding of observation.  Students will begin with drawings and quick alla prima paintings and then progress to more extended works.


Students will begin by using a limited palette concentrating on value relationships and progress to a warm/cool palette and then a full palette.  Students should pay particular attention to palette set-up and methods of mixing, so that they get the color they intend.


Color will be studied through direct observation of specific color contexts within the subject and within the composition.  There will be an emphasis on color recognition and mixing with particular attention to color reaction.

Markmaking and Process              

Students will be required to experiment with the physicality of the paint and research methods of paint application, developing a sense of mass and space.


Every work should be an exploration into the formal and expressive possibilities within the format.  Students will do thumbnail composition studies for every assignment


Students will be instructed on basic methods of building and preparing supports, handling of materials and safety. 


Students will be expected to spend an equal amount of time on out of class work.

Students make sure they schedule time to work in our classroom studio.

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Beginning oil painting. Prerequisite: ART 190.
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Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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