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ART 360 E: Topics In Studio Art And Practice

We look forward to safely returning to in-person instruction and activities this autumn quarter. Current and prospective students please visit our COVID-19 Updates pages.
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TTh 2:30pm - 5:20pm
ART 216
Layne Goldsmith

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ART 360 Winter 2016
Concepts and Constructions in Fibers
Professor: Layne Goldsmith
Office:  Art 218
Office Hours:  Tu/Th: 10:30-11:30, by appointment



Concepts and Constructions in Fibers is a hands-on studio course exploring a range of themes, concepts, and criticism in the field of Fiber Art.  This course examines use of textiles in aesthetic terms and as cultural documents to be understood in their historic and current context.   Topics include origins + their processes and materials, manual + industrial innovations, textiles in the information age, and interdisciplinary areas of interest. Your assignments will direct your exploration into the meanings, uses, and visual/sculptural potentials of traditional, alternative and innovative/new materials, both natural and man-made.

This is an interdisciplinary visual arts studio course; we will be thinking and talking about, as well as making art in this manner. In addition to the studio assignments, readings, guest lectures, gallery visits and discussions will provide content for the course.   Please note that the majority of assignments will need to be done outside of class time.  

Your individual approach to this work in encouraged.  You will be asked to bring your own set of questions to each of the technical studies and assignments.



You are responsible for your own successful completion of the course. This means you should plan to keep an open attitude; experiment + challenge yourself + strive for new ideas; participate in class discussions + critiques; complete all readings, gallery visits and projects on time; and attend all sessions.

Demonstrations, slides, assigned readings and class discussions take place regularly.  Due to the course schedule, these will not be repeated.  It is your responsibility to notify me in advance of any class you will miss. ( If you take an absence you are responsible for following up with a classmate, receiving any assignments and completing them on time. Late projects will not be accepted.



There will be an individual handout for each of the 4 assigned projects and for all of the technical studies to be completed during the class. All finished work will be reviewed in class critiques on the assigned due date. Individual meetings and class brainstorming sessions are encouraged.

Most projects are just not practical to do at home. The classroom is your studio space for the duration of the quarter. You have full access to the room outside of the scheduled class times. Check the schedule by the door for open periods. Wherever you work, always leave your work area clean. Observe safety, traffic flow, and maintenance rules when working in public spaces outside of the classroom. Attain permission before installing your project. LEAVE NO TRACE policy applies!



Effort shown in + artistic merit of completed projects:                                    40%

Participation in class activities, critiques, discussions, etc.:                            20%

Preparedness to discuss assigned readings, site visits and screenings:         20%

Individual effort, commitment, progress throughout the quarter:                     20%




Whatever materials your project requires

Digital camera to document your work



Your ability to produce a well-crafted work will involve skill in manipulating materials and techniques, guided by a well-considered inquiry. Demonstrations and technical study assignments will provide additional useful tools for completion of the assignments.  As a class, you have access to sewing machines, printing tables, the dye lab, and the woodshop and to the digital equipment of the SOACC but if you need access to specialized equipment, arrange in advance with the respective program.


ART LIBRARY (1st Floor)

WOODSHOP              (1st Floor)

3-D PRINTING            (1st Floor)

SOACC                       (2nd Floor)

ART SUPPLIES:        Thrift stores, dumpster and recycling,

Hardwicks Hardware on Roosevelt & 43th,

Artist and Craftsman Supply, (45th behind Petco)

University Bookstore (the Ave)

Pacific Fabrics & Crafts (2230 4th Ave S)

Designer Fabric Liquidators (4111 Stone WY N)



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Examines a variety of cutting edge, emerging, and interdisciplinary approaches in studio art and practice. Topics vary.
GE Requirements: 
Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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