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Operations and teaching are online. Current and prospective students: please visit our COVID-19 Updates pages. Faculty and staff are available via email.
The School of Art would like to recognize and thank our donors. Private support from our alumni and friends enables us to sustain our current activities. Your valuable gifts directly benefit our students, individual programs, and general operations. We greatly appreciate your support of the arts! DONOR RECOGNITION LEVELS*
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Christopher Ozubko
As you read these notes, we will be nearing completion of Winter Quarter and looking forward to the academic homestretch of Spring Quarter. All of higher education is in flux. Here, we address this constant state of change by offering our students sets of skills, experiences, and a quality of thinking and creating that empowers them to succeed in their chosen careers. This year has already been a busy one for all of our Divisions. Below are some selected highlights. Art
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Ivan Drpic
Tough economic times usually mean that a UW department cannot hire new faculty. The School of Art, however, was able to justify the need and get approval for two faculty positions. Ivan Drpić has just joined the Art History Division, and Tad Hirsch is a new addition to the Design Division. The School’s faculty is very happy about having these colleagues join their ranks. Ivan Drpić was born in Serbia, which was then known as Yugoslavia. He attended the... Read more
Nate Landes and Sergei Larionov
How do two public health researchers become strong supporters of the School of Art? In less than a decade, Linda LeResche and Michael Von Korff have gone from knowing nothing about the School of Art to supporting graduate students in Interaction Design (IxD) and becoming members of the School’s... Read more
Christopher Ozubko
Welcome to our third edition of the School of Art eBlast newsletter. This has been a tremendous vehicle for communicating past, current, and future information to our students, parents, donors, alumni, and friends. I am happy to say that our eBlasts have one of the highest reader rates in the College of Arts & Sciences. Thank you! Read more
Julie Martin
Creative, kind, dripping with talent, fabulous hostess, wonderful capacity for friendship, exceptionally vivacious. That's how friends describe Julie Martin (BA 1974). After Martin's untimely death in 2005, friends established the Julaine Martin Endowed Scholarship in the Arts in her honor. The initial scholarships were awarded in 2010 to one graduate student from each of the School of Art's three divisions—Art, Art History, and Design—with recipients meeting Martin's husband and friends at a luncheon in the Jacob Lawrence Gallery last quarter. Read more
Christopher Ozubko
No doubt you have heard about the significant funding cuts facing higher education in Washington State. We do not yet know the specifics of how this will affect the University of Washington and the School of Art, but we do know the outcome will be the greatest budget cut the University has ever experienced. ...We will have to do more with less, meaning we will have to increase the size of our classes without additional TAs and faculty, and we will have to embrace and focus on the best of what we have to offer. Read more
TEDGlobal 2010 Fellows
When Design Division Lecturer Dominic Muren received his invitation to participate in the July 2010 TEDGlobal conference as one of 23 TEDGlobal Fellows, he was thrilled. TED is a nonprofit devoted to "ideas worth spreading." Its TED Talks website, with short talks presented at TED conferences, attracts millions of visitors worldwide. "I've been to quite a few lectures in my life and also count myself as sociable at conferences," says Muren. "TED tested my abilities like nothing I've ever experienced. There were so many talks to see. Some days there were as many as 20, and they were 18 minutes each. Often, these talks jumped from one fascinating topic to another, all equally exciting. I could feel my brain cramping up. To top it all off, when we weren't listening, we were talking with world-class scientists, like Julian Assange from Wikileaks, and musicians like Annie Lennox and Imogen Heap." Read more
Christopher Ozubko
Welcome to the School of Art’s first electronic newsletter! The University took the initiative to go green a number of years ago and the School of Art is following suit to reduce its paper consumption and save during this economically challenging environment. One of the most significant highlights from the last academic year was the ten-year review of the School of Art's academic programs. The review committee--three faculty from the UW and three from peer institutions--noted that the school has made significant positive changes to position itself as a major unit within a large research university. Read more


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