Three Laughs by Ben Dunn

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Contents: Director's Notes, Ozubko Retires, Graduation + Teaching Awards, Graduate Showcase, Graduation Exhibitions, Grant-Funded Research by Desjardins, Wieczorek at NIAS, New Book for Bunn-Marcuse, Fulbright for Miller, Design Student Projects Recognized, Donors: June 2019 – May 2020
Contents: Director's Notes, New IVA + IxD Faculty, MFA + MDes Thesis Exhibition, Support for Faculty Projects, Jake Seniuk's Strait Art, Donors: April 2019 – March 2020
Contents: Director's Notes, Help Us Match $300k Gift, American Art History, Critical Issues Lecture Series, A Fantastique Parisian Gift, Presenting Art History, Woods + Inneract Project at 15, Students Win GRAY Award, Donors: January 2019 – December 2019
Contents: Director's Notes, Help Us Match $300k Gift, Faculty Searches, RRF Scholar Award for Swaine, Summer Institute in the Arts & Humanities, Faculty Lectures, Q+A with Cooper, In Memoriam – Kenneth Pawula, Transitions, 2019–2020 Scholarships, SDF Block Party, Donors: September 2018 – August 2019
Contents: Director's Notes, Graduate Thesis + Dissertation Showcase, Graduation + Teaching Awards, Anne Focke Arts Leadership Award Celebration, Design Presenting + Publishing, Artist Trust Awards, Seattle Art Fair and Beyond, Donors: June 2018 – May 2019
Contents: Director's Notes, Anne Focke Arts Leadership Award Recipient, RRFs for Bunn-Marcuse + Jamison, For Want of a Nail, Bellingham National, IxD Students at Cooper Hewitt, Cobblestones and Lumber: UW x SFAI, Zhi LIn Exhibitions, Rodriguez at MadArt + More, 4Culture Collection Additions, Donors: April 2018 – March 2019
Contents: Director's Notes, Advisory Board, IxD Research Awards, Critical Issues Lecture Series, Tihanyi + Digital Clay, Where Study Abroad May Lead, Art History at CAA, In Memoriam – Robert C. Jones, BAM Biennial 2018: Glasstastic, Student Work at Meany Center, Donors: January – December 2018
Contents: Director's Notes, Supporting Faculty, 2018–2019 Scholarships, New Faculty, Rometti Prize, Jugalbandi [Duet]: Power and Pleasure in Indian Painting, Neddy Artist Awards, SDF Block Party, Transitions, The Road to Burning Man, Donors: September 2017 – September 2018
Contents: Director's Notes, Graduate Thesis + Dissertation Showcase, 2018 SEGD Educator Award Winner, Graduation + Teaching Awards, Seattle Art Fair and Beyond, Donors: July 2017 – May 2018
Contents: Director's Notes, MFA + MDes Thesis Exhibition, OMA&D 50th Anniversary Exhibition, 2018 Graduation Exhibitions, Kollar American Art Lecture – Michael Lobel, Student Work at Meany Center
Contents: 2018 Graduation Exhibitions, Kollar American Art Lecture – Michael Lobel, Mid-Century Design at Cascadia
Contents: Our Dream Team, 3D4M Open House, Three at CAA, Mission to the Moon: 2030, Spivey's Mobile Incubator, Critical Issues in Contemporary Art Practice Lecture Series, Donors: January – December 2017
Contents: Director's Notes, C. Davida Ingram: A Book with No Pages, Critical Issues in Contemporary Art Practice Lecture Series, Making our Mark, Familiar Faces & New Voices
Contents: Critical Issues in Contemporary Art Practice Lecture Series, MDes Thesis Poster Session, Arts in Collaboration, Suyama Space, Ahn an Amazon Catalyst Fellow, Hues at Cascadia
Contents: Material Performance: Part II, Wilson + Tropical Lab 11, Making our Mark, Design Pecha Kucha, Xu is Hamiltonian Fellow, Quackers is a Hit, In Memoriam – Donghoon Lee
Contents: MoNA Luminaries, Student Work at Meany Center, Boettcher is New BMA Director, 2017–2018 Undergraduate Scholarships, Painting Exhibitions + Colloquium, Graduate Recruitment Awards, Roberts Wins Swiss Award, Art History Grad Student Activities, In Memoriam – Ron Ho
Contents: Director's Notes, Jacob Lawrence Legacy Residency, IxD Delves into Mixed Reality, RRF Scholar Award for Khullar, HUB Director's Art Prize, American Art History, Donors: July 2016 – June 2017, Transitions
Contents: Untold Passage, Grant from NEA Art Works, Graduation + Teaching Awards, Undergrads Going Places, Simpson Center Support, Undergraduate Research Symposium
Contents: MFA + MDes Thesis Exhibition, AFALA Evening Amazes, Lin and Hurley Exhibitions, Wang Wins Mellon Fellowship, Students Attend DESIGN: HYBRID, Sabin is 2017 MoMA PS1 Young Architect
Contents: April 2017 – Director's Notes, Design Career Fair: A Bridge to Work, Art History at RSA in Chicago, Facebook AIR Alums, Randall Receives AIGA Medal, Donors: January 2016 – March 2017
Contents: 2017 Graduation Exhibitions, Strange Coupling 2017, NCECA 2017, AND_NOW? Archaic Social Media
Contents: Anne Focke Arts Leadership Award, Jacob Lawrence Centenary, In Memoriam – Akio Takamori, Faculty Candidate Lectures
Contents: Jan 2017 – Director's Notes, New Director for Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Critical Issues in Contemporary Art Practice 2017, In Memoriam – Francis Celentano, Donors: January – December 2016
Contents: Challenge Grant From Anonymous Donor, Critical Issues in Contemporary Art Practice 2017, What is Possible?, In Memoriam – Francis Celentano, President's Office Features Faculty Work, Whitney Biennial 2017
Contents: Kollar American Art Lecture – Wendy Bellion, UW Wayfinding, Gallery Director Position Open, Glass Facilities Celebration, Utopia Neighborhood Club
Contents: Utopia Neighborhood Club, Student Work at Meany Hall, McClelland Curates Exhibition, Faculty Searches
Contents: Sep 2016 - Director's Notes, New School Website, Faculty Hires in 2016, Alum in Residence: Anne Focke, Take a Professor to Lunch, Transitions 2016, Donors: July 2015 – August 2016
Contents: Active Art History Graduate Students, 2016 Graduation + Teaching Awards, Multiplying Mediums
Contents: 2016 MFA + MDes Thesis Exhibition, Faculty Hires in 2016, Portfolio of Possibilities
Contents: Apr 2016 – Director’s Notes, Directions for a cloud-crowd, Guggenheim Fellowship for Helen O’Toole, Tad Hirsch and the AR-15, New Faculty Activities
Contents: 2016 Graduation Exhibitions, Honors for Estelle Lingo, Extra-curricular Experiences, Luly Yang Partners With Alaska, Alumni News – February 2016
Contents: Woods is AIGA SF 2016 Fellow, Alumni News – January 2016, BUY ART + Strange Coupling, Student Awards in January 2016, Tropical Lab Residency
Contents: Jan 2016 - Director's Notes, Jacob Lawrence Gallery + Steffani Jemison, 2016 Design Career Fair
Contents: Critical Issues in Contemporary Art Practice 2016, Khullar Keeping Active, Design Alumni Statistics, Horie a USA Distinguished Fellow, Instagram Takeovers
Contents: Design Beyond the Classroom, Publication Grant for Drpić
Contents: Oct 2015 - Director's Notes, Faculty Searches, Faculty Hires in 2015, New SAM Partnership, Transitions 2015
Contents: Feb 2015 - Director's Notes, Black History Month + The Jake, 2015 Graduation Exhibitions, Dynamic Duo, What Makes Us Special?, Celebrating a Legacy
Contents: Oct 2014 - Director's Notes, New Faces in 2014, Space Transformation, Valenzuela is Arts Innovator, LinkedIn Ranks UW in Top 5 for Design, Growing PhDs, Awakenings in Texas
Contents: Feb 2014 - Director's Notes, A Love of American Art, Distinguished Artist Lecture – Mel Chin
Contents: Feb 2013 - Director's Notes, Creativity for a Cause, From A to B via Z, Who Are We?
Contents: Oct 2012 - Director's Notes, Art + Nature, Pursuing Their Passion, Timeless Future
Contents: Feb 2012 - Director's Notes, An Artist Supporting Art+Design Students, Residency Challenges, Crafting a Connoisseur
Contents: Oct 2011 - Director's Notes, A Trio of Artistic Trajectories, Mad About Art, The Ties That Bind, New Blood
Contents: Feb 2011 - Director's Notes, From UW to the Getty, Science Inspires Art, The Influence of an Artful Life
Contents: Oct 2010 - Director's Notes, Italy as a Second Home, New Territory for Art History, Our Man at TED