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The School is proud of our alumni and their accomplishments. We are not able to list all alumni here since we have so many, but we do want to hear your news. Send it to us now. Please remind us of your degree area and graduation year.

We share as much alumni news as we are able to via news posts and divisional pages as well as with our social media.

For example: BA, MDes, IVA, Art History
Format: 2019
Dana Golan
School Alum
Class of 2018
Emma Laukitis
School Alum
Class of 2018
Christopher Seeds
School Alum
Class of 2018
Theresa Utanto
School Alum
Class of 2018
Chloe Yeo
School Alum
Class of 2018

Alumni Webpages

Name Degreesort descending Class Year
Ball, Aubree BA IVA 2012, MDes 2018 2018
Lim, Chip Dong BDes 2015
Gross, Kinsey BDes 2012
Stream, John BDes 2012
Winther (Grimm), Amy BDes 2012
Kingman, Adam BDes 2014
O'Brien, Flyn BDes 2013
Martin, Lea BDes 2016
Batina, Katarina BDes 2013
Cupat, Angelica BDes 2016
Brumet, Amy BDes 2012
Monteferrante, Tyler BDes 2015
Cook, Sam BDes 2014
Chan, Holly BDes IxD 2017
Utanto, Theresa BDes IxD 2018
Halim, Emily BDes VCD 2017
Golan, Dana BDes VCD 2018
Yeo, Chloe BDes VCD 2018
Fry, Ken BFA 1991; MFA Design 1995 1995
Tong, Scott BFA Design 2004
Flynn, Joey BFA Design 2010
Ueno, Ray BFA Design 1989
Rohde, Gretchen BFA Design 1975
Gibson, Matthew BFA Design 1994
Matthews, Kristine BFA Design 1990
Randall, Mark BFA Design 1984
Gordon, Cindy BFA Design 1999
Shimomura, Roger BFA Design 1961
Graham, Ben BFA Design 1997
Hamlin, Drew BFA Design 2010
Taylor, Lillis BFA Design 2003
Stuart, Haury BFA Design 2007
Henderson, Kevin BFA Design 1981
Welch, Adam BFA Design 2001
Yang, Luly BFA Design 1990
Allen, Andrew BFA Design 2006
Lee, Lisa BFA Design 1977
Liu, Weishung BFA Design 2008
Bedell, Zachary BFA Design 2005
Belveal, Rogert BFA Design 1987
Marketello, Brenna BFA Design 2011
Boaglio (Heap), Diana BFA Design 1984
Mills, Carol BFA Design 1982
Boram, Brian BFA Design 1987
Brown, Russell Preston BFA Design 1978
Traver, Anne BFA Design 1976
McCain, George BFA Design 1969
Nathane, Betsy BFA Design 1973
Kaneko, Steve BFA Design
Conradt-Kroehler, Sarah BFA Design 1990
Chin, Henry BFA Design 1985
Nordby, Kip BFA Design 2008
Lichter, Howard BFA Design 1992
Davidson, Naomi BFA Design 1996
Luu, Francis BFA Design 2009
Popich, Mark BFA Design 1991
Eykemans, Thomas BFA Design 2002
Hartley (Johnson), Bridgette BFA Design + BA IVA 1995
Dunshee, Barbara BFA Design + BA IVA 1997
King, Dell BFA Design 1960, MFA Design 1969 1969
Kawaguchi, Harold BFA Design 1961; MFA Design 1965 1965
Hofbeck, Dianne BFA Design 1967, BA Art History 1972 1972
Woods, Maurice BFA Design 1995; MFA Design 2005 2005
Tsukamaki, Scott BFA Design 2008, MDes 2017 2017
Park, Haeree MDes 2014
Pawson, Sandy MDes 2014
Fretto, Mike MDes 2013
Petz, Jason MDes 2014
Seeds, Christopher MDes 2018
Costello, Joe MDes 2018
Gaynor, Kari MDes 2013
Rollins, Adriel MDes 2013
Ghassemian, Shaghayegh MDes 2015
Salituri, Andrew MDes 2012
Dumond, Richelle MDes 2017
Steinem, Abigail MDes 2015
Gray, Geoff MDes 2016
Hall, Chad P. MDes 2016
Trinnaman, Bradley MDes 2014
Hwang, Jaewon MDes 2016
Wang, Melanie MDes 2013
Laukitis, Emma Teal MDes 2018
Lim, Catherine MDes 2016
Reitz, Sarah MDes 2017
Ichikawa, Scott MDes 2015
Sparano, Joe MDes 2016
Strickland, Tate MDes 2017
Keeling, Amy MDes 2012
Xu, Kun MDes 2015
Wilson, Erin Elizabeth MDes 2016
Larionov, Sergei MDes 2012
Mantri, Shehal MDes 2012
Moeck, Ryan MDes 2015
Cho, Byung MDes 2012
Nelson, Josh MDes 2013
Cook, Jon MDes 2014
Ostrowski, Dan MDes 2012
Germany, Jason O. MFA Design 2010
Shown, Benjamin MFA Design 2010
Futrell, Tom MFA Design 2008
Williams Galvin, Erin MFA Design 2009
Klingler, Cassie MFA Design 2008
Benson, Cole MFA Design 2011
Neylan, Callie MFA Design 2006
Oliver, Marvin MFA Design 1973