Three Laughs by Ben Dunn

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IVA: Printmaking

Interdisciplinary Visual Arts has facilities that host classes focusing on several printmaking techniques including intaglio, monotype, screen printing, drypoint, aquatint, and block printing.


1 Takach Floor Model Press 32”x 56”
1 Charles Brand Floor Model Press 36”x 60”
1 Takach Table Top Press 24”x 48”
1 Glen Alps Floor Model Press 26”x 65”
1 Griffin Lithography Press 30”x 48”

Printing Equipment

1 Pexto Plate Shear 39”x 20”
1 Aquatint Box compressed air 44”x 33”x 60”
2 Hot plates 20”x 30”
Compressed air sources in all studios
5 Drying racks
1 Print drying box
1 Husky Hydraulic Lift
1 Electric grinding wheel
2 Sharp BW photocopiers
1 Logan Professional Mat Cutter
2 Paper cutters 31”x 31”
Assorted paper soaking trays
Wood and metal flat files
Etching, relief, mezzotint tool library
Plexiglas library
Large rollers, various sizes
1 Murray screw press 29”x 29” x 49”
80 Lithographic stones, various sizes
2 Stone lithography levigators
1 Ryobi Scroll Saw

Screen Printing

1 Nuarc vacuum exposure unit 48”x 39”
1 Screen washout booth
1 Ryobi pressure washer
1 24-slot screen drying cabinet
24”x 36” lightbox + cart
Screen library


25 Mould and Deckle Sets
Assorted papermaking tubs

Related Items

Oversized large work sinks
1 Paper soaking sink 31”x 65”
1 Spray booth 36”x 72” ventilated
Ventilated acid room 9’ x 18’
30-gallon ferric chloride vertical acid tank
3 Ventilated fume hoods 6’x 60”
Sawdust cleaning box 26”x 40”
Glass and wood work tables
5 Manfrotto 290 Light Aluminum Tripods
3 Manfrotto Befree Live Video Heads
1 Canon EOS Rebel Camera (included shoulder bag)

Space Type: 
Technology + Equipment