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3D4M Glass Equipment

Kiln Forming

2 – GL 24 Paragon kilns (Sentry controller)
Front-loading casting kiln 30x36x20" (GB4)
Skutt kiln 28x26" (GB4)
Clamshell fusing kiln 37x37x12" (GB4)
Clamshell fusing kiln 72x39x15" (GB1)
Bell kiln 37x37x12 (Partlow)


12 – Nortel RedMax torches
12 – National handheld torches
Paragon lampworking annealer (Sentry 2.0)

Hot Glass

600-pound electric furnace
2 – 11-inch glory holes
Front-loading annealer 44x74x44" (Partlow)
Top-loading annealer 28x63x23" (Partlow)
Color pick-up oven
Pipe warmer
Pipe cooler

Cold Shop

Spatzier cutting lathe
Assorted sintered, electroplated, and prepolish/polishing wheels
14-inch diamond saw
4x106" Somaca wet belt sander
Water-feed drill press/ Diamond core drill
Stienert 24-inch lap wheel
Polishing lathe with 12x3” felt cerium wheel and 12x2.5” Polpur MJ pumice wheel
Foredom Flex Shaft grinders
Alpha pneumatic water-fed angle grinder
Dotco pencil grinder
UV Lamp
Trinco 48x48" sandblaster with dust separator
Vacuum-bed exposure unit