Resolution Series by David C. Burr

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Health + Safety

The School considers the health and safety of its students, faculty, and staff to be of primary importance.

  • Many of the materials and equipment used in creative processes can be hazardous to you and others if used incorrectly. Enrollment in a class requires students to know, understand, and comply with all material and equipment safe use policies in each classroom/studio. These guidelines are discussed and distributed to students early every quarter.
  • The School's environmental health and safety policies and practices are compiled in our Safety + Emergency/Evacuation Plan.
  • General information on use, storage, and disposal of hazardous materials is also in the manual. Information specific to a particular hazardous material is provided by the manufacturer in a document called a Safety Data Sheet (SDS). SDS documents are available through the instructional technician in charge of each School studio.

The University also takes health and safety seriously. Their Campus Safety & Emergency Resources webpage links to many important resources.

In addition, the UW Environmental Health and Safety office has helpful information on their website including access to the accident/incident reporting system.