Entry installation at Design Show 2016

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Thank you for considering a charitable donation to the School of Art + Art History + Design. We are committed to providing an inspiring, creative, and necessary educational environment for our students; maintaining and expanding a stellar tradition of outstanding teaching and research amongst our faculty; and developing thoughtful and engaging programming throughout the school. Together your support is crucial in our efforts to maintain top-ranked programs within the School of Art + Art History + Design and cultivate academic and artistic excellence on campus and beyond.


The School currently has three top priorities for gifts:

Graduate StudentS

Give now to support graduate students.

Example: Laura Stowell, PhD candidate, writes to scholarship donors: "My research explores contemporary feminist performance practice… I am interested in how female artists use the body as a site to explore modes of resistance to and ways of working through the memory (personal and cultural) of experiences of violence… Your generous support will provide me with the time and reduced financial pressure to focus full time on my research, which is an amazing gift."


Give now to support faculty.

Example: Doug Jeck, Associate Professor, describes how he benefited from a faculty fellowship: "For six weeks, I lived and worked in glorious solitude at a country house with a modest ceramic studio 40 ;minutes from the center of Rome as a resident artist. Exploring Italy as an artist consumed by the human form has been a dream of mine for nearly 35 years… the season I experienced in Italy was the most concentrated, inspiring, fulfilling, and affirming time of my adult life." Read more faculty examples.

Jacob Lawrence Gallery

Give now to support the Jacob Lawrence Gallery.

Example: Juan Franco, MA student, shares how the Gallery has impacted them: "As an Assistant Curator at the Jacob Lawrence Gallery, my work has been learning through playing a support role for both the space and for the Director, Emily Zimmerman… the Jacob Lawrence Gallery is situated in a transaction between academia, research, the white cube, the legacy of Jacob Lawrence himself, and the greater Seattle area. In this regard, I value what Emily has exemplified in her role as the Gallery’s director, which is awareness and respect of the way space and its use contribute to or work against injustices and inequities of this world." Read "Curating the Future"; it is a UW feature story.

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