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The 1935-1936 edition of the Annual Catalogue of the University of Washington is where first mention of the School of Art is found. Prior to that, the existence of an Art Department or a Painting, Sculpture and Design (PS&D) Department came and went. A Department of Art is listed in the first printed annual catalog for the university, 1890-1891.

The name change to School of Art + Art History + Design was originally proposed by Christopher Ozubko, who was director of the school from 1996 to 2014. The name change was officially approved in spring 2015.


Years Name Division
1935–1954 Walter Isaacs* Art
1954–1966 Boyer Gonzalez Art
1967–1977 Spencer Moseley Art
1977–1986 Richard Arnold Art
1986–1992 Constantine Christofides Art History
1992–1996 Jerome Silbergeld Art History
1996–2014 Christopher Ozubko Design
2014– Jamie Walker Art

*Began in 1923 as Chair of Painting, Sculpture and Design (PS&D), which was part of the College of Fine Arts. That College was dissolved in the second half of 1935, and PS&D became the School of Art within the University College.

Associate Directors

Years Name Division
1986–1990 Robert C. Jones Art
1990–1995 Paul Berger Art
2011–2014 Jamie Walker Art