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interns at pop up
Student Voice Project Interns at POP UP

Internships for Undergraduates

An internship is a supplemental educational opportunity to explore career options and develop skills related to your undergraduate major in a work or work-related setting. Internships are generally offered on an unpaid or volunteer basis. 

As you investigate internships, keep in mind that you are also interviewing the sponsoring agency. It's important to find out whether the internship opportunity is right for you:

  • Ask yourself if the placement would give you the kind of experience you’re looking for. 
  • Talk with the sponsor about your goals and interests. You may want to interview with more than one agency so that you can compare their merits.

Searching for Internships

Jobs, Internships, Opportunities

Academic Advising's Jobs, Internships, Opportunities blog is a curated collection of local and national opportunities. It's a great place to browse posts and start your research for internships in art- or design-related fields.

UW Resources

Earning Credit For An Internship

In order to receive academic credit for an internship, you must first secure the internship and make arrangements with your faculty sponsor prior to registration.