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Student Voice Project

Students meet with recent alumni in Space 120
Student Voice Project Alumni Meetup in Space 120; photo by Liz Copland

From Classroom to Career

The Student Voice Project (SVP) is a program designed and run by academic advisers in the UW School of Art + Art History + Design. SVP hosts programming to help you recognize that your learning and experiences in the classroom relate directly to skills you will use to develop your career.

SVP is committed to dispelling the myth that learning in the visual arts limits the scope of professional opportunities for our graduates. Students who major in art, art history and design graduate with the following:

  • Practiced problem-finding and problem-solving skills
  • Expertise in visual literacy
  • Polished presentation and communication skills
  • Collaboration and leadership experience
  • Research methods and the ability to complete resulting projects
  • Motivated for and by critical feedback
  • Ability to network, create and engage in community

Our alumni go on to do creative, innovative work with their degrees in art, art history or design: 

Sam Cook, Design Dillon Gisch, Art History Alison Milliman, Art History
Heather Christo, Art Drew Hamlin, Design Juniper Shuey, Art
Kari Davidson, Design Levi Higgs, Art History Lucas Spivey, Art
Renee Erickson, Art Michael Klebeck, Art Aly Weir, Design

Past SVP Events

Winter 2018 - ARTS 350

The School of Art + Art History + Design Advising team is thrilled to be co-facilitating a new course for undergraduates in Winter quarter 2018. ARTS 350: Arts in Collaboration was developed to help students recognize that the dynamic experiential learning they receive as majors in the visual and performing arts is highly valued by future employers. This course is an extended version of previous, singular alumni meet up events that SVP has offered in the past. 

Students who study the arts have the opportunity to build social and professional confidence around collaborations, develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills, and appreciate and learn from diverse practices and cultures. This kind of intense, hands-on learning also fosters the ability to discuss issues and find solutions. It mentors individuality based on the need to be self-critical and self-directed. 

Each class throughout the quarter welcomes a group of panelists who share insights on how current students can intentionally prepare for life after graduation as well as speak to how their own degrees in the arts enabled them to pursue their professional goals.
ARTS 350 is supported by multiple entities: it is a collaboration between the School of Art + Art History + Design, Dance, Drama, DXARTS, and Music, and the class is supported by the Divisional Dean of the Arts in the College of Art & Sciences, Catherine Cole.

ARTS 350 is also facilitated by the Student Voice Project (SVP), which works to dispel the commonly held myth that there are few good jobs in the arts and that students who study the arts have limited career and professional options.

Learn More About Majoring in Art, Art History and Design


If you are a college transfer or high school student, consider attending Preview to get a first-hand look at the School and its programs. Previews are hour-long info sessions led by professional academic advisers, and are designed to introduce you to all of the academic and enrichment programs in the School.

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