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Student Voice Project

Operations and teaching are online. Current and prospective students: please visit our COVID-19 Updates pages. Faculty and staff are available via email.
Students meet with recent alumni in Space 120
Student Voice Project Alumni Meetup in Space 120; photo by Liz Copland

From Classroom to Career

The Student Voice Project (SVP) is a collaboration between academic advisers and students in the UW School of Art + Art History + Design. SVP develops programming to help you recognize that your learning and experiences in the classroom relate directly to skills you will use to develop your career.

SVP is committed to dispelling the myth that learning in the visual arts limits the scope of professional opportunities for our graduates. Students who major in art, art history and design graduate with the following:

  • Practiced problem-finding and problem-solving skills
  • Expertise in visual literacy
  • Polished presentation and communication skills
  • Collaboration and leadership experience
  • Research methods and the ability to complete resulting projects
  • Motivated for and by critical feedback
  • Ability to network, create and engage in community

The School's alumni go on to do creative, innovative work with their degrees in art, art history or design: 

Sam Cook, Design Dillon Gisch, Art History Alison Milliman, Art History
Heather Christo, Art Drew Hamlin, Design Juniper Shuey, Art
Kari Davidson, Design Levi Higgs, Art History Lucas Spivey, Art
Renee Erickson, Art Michael Klebeck, Art Aly Weir, Design

Students - Get Involved with SVP!

The Student Voice Project (SVP) collaborates with the Academic Advising team to connect students across the School and develop programming to build community.

Student leadership is rewarding but requires work, time and dedication. By joining SVP, you will deepen your learning and see your accomplishments celebrated. Through this process you will grow as leaders, improve your already dependable strengths, and more effectively articulate the value of skills learned in the classroom and studio.

The SVP experience will support you as you develop professional goals and prepare for life after graduation. See below for ways to get involved! 

SVP General Member

As part of SVP, you will collaborate on quarterly and annual programming and help document moments throughout the School that showcase the unique learning within the divisions of Art, Art History and Design.

This commitment involves attending bi-monthly SVP meetings and supporting the work of at least one committee, led by a SVP Leadership Team member.

To learn more and sign up to be an SVP General Member, please complete an application through this link:

SVP Leadership Team Positions

(Internship credit available, 2 credits per quarter)

These additional leadership opportunities within SVP provide development and experience for students looking to grow in specific areas. 

SVP Leadership Team positions are an annual commitment, and specific positions are reviewed quarterly. Positions include:

  • Director
  • Assistant Director
  • SVP Illustrator
  • Gallery Manager

To explore positions and to apply for the SVP Leadership Team, please complete the following application:

Applications are rolling. We will begin meeting with students for leadership positions the week of Monday, September 30th. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email Liz Copland ( or Ari Ortiz (

Learn More About Majoring in Art, Art History and Design


If you are a college transfer or high school student, consider attending Preview to get a first-hand look at the School and its programs. Previews are hour-long info sessions led by professional academic advisers, and are designed to introduce you to all of the academic and enrichment programs in the School.

No registration is necessary, but you should prepare for the session by exploring our undergraduate degree programs in ArtArt History and Design on this website.