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Advisory Boards

School Advisory Board

The School of Art + Art History + Design Advisory Board provides guidance and counsel to the school director on issues that impact the school’s ability to carry out its core mission of education, research, and service as well as on current trends and future directions in art, art history, and design.

The advisory board helps build relationships with key constituencies; increase awareness of the school; strengthen ties with the community; provide valuable information from the broader community to faculty leaders; and support fundraising efforts for the School of Art + Art History + Design.

Anne Traver, Chair
David Alhadeff
Royal Alley-Barnes
Judi Clark, Director of Academic Advising + Student Services
Renee Erickson
Ken Fry
Carole Fuller
Ellen Garvens, Division of Art Chair + Faculty Representative
James Harris
Perri Howard
Stuart Lingo, Division of Art History Chair + Faculty Representative
Francis Luu
Catharina Manchanda
Christopher Ozubko, Division of Design Chair + Faculty Representative
Herb Pruzan
Lucy Pruzan
Aurora San Miguel, Undergraduate Student Representative
Åsa Sandlund
Krista Schoening, Graduate Student Representative
Jamie Walker, Director
Emily Zimmerman, Jacob Lawrence Gallery Director + Representative

Division of Design Advisory Board

The Design PAC enables dialog and collaboration between the Division of Design at the School of Art + Art History + Design and Pacific Northwest design practitioners.

John Barratt
Henry Chin
Greg Coomer
August De Los Reyes
Bill Flora
Kenneth Fry
Benjamin Graham
Drew Hamlin
Dale Hart
Steve Herbst
Sena Janky
Steven Kaneko
James Kaufman
Harold Kawaguchi
Josh Kornfeld
Howard Lichter
Francis Luu
George McCain
Daniele Monti
Matthew Mulder
Mark Popich
Åsa Sandlund
David Smith
Rob Strong
Scott Tong
Anne Traver
Ray Ueno
Markus Wierzoch
Kristin Will