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Art History PhD Dissertation

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Following the General Examination and after the Supervisory Committee has approved a written dissertation proposal, 30 credits of ART H 800 must be taken in preparation for and defense of the dissertation. This may necessitate registration in absentia for one or more quarter. It is the responsibility of the student to check with the Graduate School, the UW Library Copyright office, Proquest, and any other guidelines on fair use practices, permissions, and inclusion of images.

Supervisory Committee and Final Examination/Oral Defense

In consultation with the chair of the General Examination Supervisory Committee, membership of the Supervisory Committee may be slightly revised to accommodate fields of expertise necessary for the student’s dissertation work. The Supervisory Committee must include two current members of the Art History 12/14 3 faculty, including the chair, and the GSR/Graduate Student Representative. A complete draft of the dissertation approved by the chair must be delivered to each member of the Supervisory Committee at least 30 days before the Final Examination date. A request for Final Examination signed by the entire Supervisory Committee is presented to the Graduate School at least three weeks prior to the Final Examination date. The Final Examination will be oral and will cover the subject of the dissertation and the student’s research. At the Final Examination the graduate student and at least two Art History faculty members of his or her committee (or a substitute from the Art History faculty, if necessary) and the Graduate School Representative should be physically present when any members participate through audio or electronic conferencing. If the Final Examination is satisfactory, the Supervising Committee must certify this to the Graduate School by the last day of the quarter in which the degree if to be conferred. The graduate student should arrange for electronic filing of the dissertation, getting the warrant, and receiving approval forms well in advance of the defense. Read about Graduate School requirements for dissertations, including electronic filing.