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Classroom Policies

Class Participation, Engagement, and Learning Policies

Classes offered in art, art history and design require students to be engaged as active and verbal learners in order to successfully complete the course. In addition to completing assignments and exams our expectation is that you will consistently participate in the classroom and studio during class time. It is this consistent participation and contribution to discussions, critique, gallery exhibition activities, team projects, and presentations of your research with faculty and peers that guarantees your learning, contributes to your academic accomplishments, and supports your professional goals after graduation.

Failure to comply with any of the following will undermine your learning and negatively affect your grade.

Absences from Class

  • Absences from class prevent participation and UW guidelines suggest that participation may account for at least 15% of your grade. Check your syllabus: in some cases participation may account for as much as 30% of your grade.
  • If you miss class due to illness or emergency, notify your instructor immediately, provide documentation, and set-up a timeline to complete missed assignments and exams.


  • It is your responsibility to abide by any safety policies outlined in class.
  • Taking responsibility for cleaning up is required of all students enrolled in art and design studios. It promotes safety, builds community and demonstrates a sense of responsibility to your learning.
  • Spray booths are provided for use of aerosols and their use is mandatory.

Academic Standards

  • Plagiarism is using the creations, ideas, words, inventions, or images of someone else in your own work without formally acknowledging them. This applies to written papers and research as well as to art, design and architectural images. All plagiarized assignments or tests will receive a grade of 0.
  • Copyright: Student work plus photos and videos of students may be used by the School to illustrate our programs. We assume that by participating in School classes and activities you have no objection. If you do have concerns please talk with the Academic Advisers in 104 Art.

Assignments, Examinations & Critiques

  • It is your responsibility to complete all assignments, take all exams, and participate in all class critiques and discussions as scheduled by your instructor.
  • Students are required to take final exams as scheduled by the University of Washington.
  • Exceptions to the above may be granted in cases of documented emergencies but must be approved by the instructor.


  • Grades in Art, Art History and Design courses are based on:

    • participation and engagement in the classrooms and studios
    • meeting deadlines for the completion of all assignments, exams and critiques
    • the quality of the work you submit during the quarter
  • Incomplete grades are only an option if:
    • you have been in attendance and done satisfactory work through the eighth week of the quarter.
    • you have furnished satisfactory proof to the instructor that the work cannot be completed because of illness or other circumstances beyond your control
  • Grade Appeal Procedure: if you think the grade you received is incorrect:
    • Contact the instructor to discuss your concern.
    • If not resolved, make an appointment with the Director of Academic Advising, 104 Art, 543-0646.

Other Concerns

  • If you have concerns about a course, an individual, or an issue concerning the School, talk with the instructor in charge of your class as soon as possible.
  • If this is not possible or productive, make an appointment with the Director of Academic Advising, 104 Art, 206-543-0646 or the Director of the School of Art, 102 Art, 206-685-2442.