Rojava by Ben Dunn

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DEI+A: Suggested Readings

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Suggested Readings


  • Looking to learn more about race in America? UW Professor Emeritus Charles Johnson picks 4 books
  • So You Want to Talk About Race? | Ijeoma Oluo
  • How to Be an Anti-Racist | Ibram X. Kendi
  • On Being Included: Racism and Diversity in Institutional Life | Sara Ahmed 
  • White Fragility | Robin DiAngelo
  • Biased | Jennifer L Eberhardt
  • Me and White Supremacy | Layla F. Saad
  • An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States | Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
  • Anti-Racist Educational Leadership and Policy | Sarah Diem
  • The Color of Law | Richard Rothstein
  • Between the World and Me |Ta-Nehisi Coates
  • Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents | Isabel Wilkerson
  • I’m still here: Black dignity in a world made for whiteness | Austin Channing Brown
  • Blind Spot  | Mahzarin R. Banaji
  • White rage: The unspoken truth of our racial divide | Carol Anderson
  • Why are all the black kids sitting together in the cafeteria | Beverly Daniel Tatum
  • The new Jim Crow | Michelle Alexander
  • Our History is the Future | Nick Estes
  • Belonging: A Culture of Place | bell hooks
  • Orientalism | Edward W. Said
  • Black Feminist Thought | Patricia Hill Collins
  • Theories of Race and Racism | Les Back and John Solomos