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Daily Journal of Commerce | UW unveils new Jacob Lawrence Gallery and Art Building renovations

The Daily | Miha Sarani reflects on the past and welcomes the future in ‘Amends’


The Daily | Jacob Lawrence Gallery director and curator departs after leaving a lasting impact on BIPoC artists

The Stranger | An Exit Interview with Emily Zimmerman

The Daily | ‘Lux Aeterna,’ volume six of the Jacob Lawrence arts journal ‘MONDAY,’ slated for February release

Northwest Asian Weekly | Asian futures, without Asians: Scary look at science fiction

Yahoo! News | 'Outsize, empty, mute Asians': 'Virtually Asian' video essay critiques portrayals of Asians in popular sci-fi

Variable West | Editor's Picks

The Daily | Revealing the (in)visible

South Seattle Emerald | Custodian Photo Exhibit Hopes to Help Public Value Essential Workers

The Daily | UW professor Audrey Desjardins connects the world of data to humans in ‘Data Imaginaries’

The Daily | Lux Aeterna’ transmits an experience of technical migration, desire to resist capitalism


The Seattle Times | 3 Seattle-area art exhibits to check out now, from the must-see to the weird and wonderful

The Evergrey | Guide to the U District – Best hidden gem

Crosscut | ArtSEA: Emerging from our caves for Seattle arts events IRL

The Stranger | Six of Seattle's Top Arts Organizations Are Joining Forces to Beat This Pandemic

The Daily | adrienne maree brown and Prem Krishnamurthy discuss their emergent roles as creators

The Daily | Jacob Lawrence Gallery accepting applications for 2021 BIPoC Graduate Student Curatorial Fellowship

The Daily | Jacob Lawrence Legacy Resident Ariel René Jackson’s ‘Descendance’ balances intention and play

Perspectives | An Artist Residency — from Afar

Variable West | Black Life Exploited for White Lies: Ilana Harris-Babou’s Long Con at Jacob Lawrence Gallery

Crosscut | Six new Seattle art spaces defying COVID

The Stranger | College Museums Are in a "Moment of Reinvention"

The Stranger | Currently Hanging: "A Singular Post" by Stephanie Simek at Jacob Lawrence Gallery


The Daily | Jacob Lawrence Gallery debuts volume four of MONDAY art journal

Seattle Channel Art Zone | Video: Celebrating 20th century African American graphic designers

The Stranger | The Angels of the Artist Marisa Williamson

The Daily | 'Unsettling the settler': Artist Marisa Williamson distinguished with Jacob Lawrence Legacy Residency

The Daily | Coupe’s 'Exercises in Passivity' explores our changing relationship with technology at the Jacob Lawrence Gallery


UW News | Video: The Wikipedia gender gap

Perspectives | Exploring Blackness through Art

University of Washington | Curating the Future

Crosscut | Jacob Lawrence and the art of radical imagination

The Seattle Times | In an increasingly expensive Seattle, artist residencies provide much-needed space and support

Art Practical | Danny Giles Draws a Black Frame Around Whiteness

The Stranger | Who Knew Ass-Eating Could Be Portrayed So Succulently?

Crosscut | 8 things to do in Seattle


Humble Arts Foundation | Artist Combines Photography, Sculpture and Japanese Rope Straw as an Open-ended Metaphor for her Bi-racial Identity

Seattle Escribe | Feminismo en la Jake, Mi Tía Rosa y la Historia de Todxs

City Arts | Visceral Experience

Real Change | Archival Art: C. Davida Ingram talks centering Black womanhood, her solo art show at UW and growing up in Chicago

The Stranger | "I Want to Live in a World That Loves Women, Not Simply a Society That Doesn't Rape"

Seattle Weekly | Re-Presenting Black History in Art

Artforum | W.I.T.C.H. Way

Seattle Weekly | Poetic Meditations in an Emergency