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Photo/Media Equipment

Operations and teaching are online. Current and prospective students: please visit our COVID-19 Updates pages. Faculty and staff are available via email.

Computer Lab

In addition to University and School digital facilities and equipment, the Photo/Media lab provides fully-calibrated photo and video imaging workflows, extensive paper/media options for low cost digital printing, and access to high-end workstations with storage for extended editing and rendering of 4K and HD video projects for Photo/Media graduate and undergraduate majors (graduate student access from other programs granted on a case by case basis).

Our professional digital printers have the capability of printing a range of sizes up to 44-inch wide prints. In-house computers, scanners, lighting studio, and printers include:

Computer Equipment

  • Six Mac Pros and NEC 27" monitors
  • Epson V800 flatbed scanner
  • Nikon 35mm scanner
  • Promise Technology Pegasus RAID arrays

Digital Printing Facilities

  • Epson 5000 17" wide printers
  • Epson 44” wide printer

Other Facilities


  • Fourteen 4 × 5" enlarging stations

Shooting Studio

  • Paul Buff Einstein strobes
  • Softboxes
  • Product shooting box

Sound Studio

  • 12 x 8' Whisper Room isolation booth
  • Universal Audio Apollo 8p audio interface
  • Acoustically-treated mixing space with Genelec and Adam studio monitors
  • iMac with Ableton Live 10, ProTools, UAD plug-ins, and Adobe Audition
  • Assorted AKG, Sennheiser, and Shure studio microphones
  • Komplete Kontrol, AKAI, and Ableton Push 2 MIDI controllers

Checkout Equipment

State of the art analogue and digital still cameras, video cameras, and lighting equipment are also available for checkout to graduate and undergraduate Photo/Media students, including:

Digital Camera Equipment

  • PhaseOne P44 digital medium-format cameras
  • Nikon D850 and D810 dSLRs
  • Canon 5DSR, 6D, and 5D MKII dSLRs
  • Blackmagic Ursa mini 4.6 video system
  • Canon C100 Cinema digital camera
  • Sony A7sii video camera
  • Atomos Ninja Blade and Inferno monitors/recorders
  • GoPro Hero video camera
  • Dracast LED lights

Analog Camera Equipment

  • ToyoView CX 4 × 5" cameras
  • Sinar F2 4 × 5" camera
  • Mamiya 645 AFD

Field Audio Equipment

  • Røde shotgun mic
  • Sennheiser shotgun mic
  • Zoom H2 field recorders
  • Zoom H4 field recorder
  • Sennheiser G3 wireless lav mic

Lighting Equipment

  • Einstein and Alien Bee strobe kits
  • Omni ProLight strobe kit
  • ProPhoto strobe kit
  • Desisti 300 continuous light
  • Desisti 310 continuous light
  • Pocket Wizard flash syncs

Video Display Equipment

  • Sharp 60" HD monitors
  • Sony 40" HD monitors
  • 19" SD monitors
  • Toshiba BluRay players
  • Epson, Hitachi, and Panasonic projectors
  • WD Media players


  • Tripods with various functionalities
  • Redrock Micro video camera shoulder rigs