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Plot Payment

Operations and teaching are online. Current and prospective students: please visit our COVID-19 Updates pages. Faculty and staff are available via email.

Click on the link below to proceed with payment for your plot. You will be redirected to the secure Converge payment site. After you proceed through the system and complete your purchase, please print out the transaction  receipt and give to the lab monitor to verify payment.

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SOACC Plotter Information and Pricing Fee
Stylus 9890 44x62-Poster Enhanced matte - archival 1400dpi

  44x36-Poster Enhanced matte - archival 1400dpi

Stylus P8000 44x62-Poster Semi Matte and Photo luster - archival 1400dpi

  44x36-Poster Semi Matte and Photo luster - archival 1400dpi

Stylus T7270 44x62-Poster Plain Matte Paper 1400dpi



(or for 44x26in plots for 9890, 9900, or P8000 plotters)

Plain Matte Paper 1400dpi

  Sample - 12in length    

Refund Policy

All fees are non-refundable. No exceptions. By submitting your payment for plot output, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to this NO REFUND policy.