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Digital Portfolio Studio

Operations and teaching are online. Current and prospective students: please visit our COVID-19 Updates pages. Faculty and staff are available via email.
photography equipment


The Digital Portfolio Studio (DPS) provides equipment for School students to migrate their work into the professional environment. It is located in room 021 in the basement of the Art Building.

Using the DPS

During the COVID-19 crisis, workshops are being offered via Zoom conferences - please see this calendar for current offerings.

Students must sign a use agreement before their first reservation is made. All rules are explained in the use agreement. Equipment is for use only in the DPS during normal operating hours.

There is a $5 lab fee for each one-hour time block.

Payment can be made in person in room 102 in the Art Building or online below. Please note that payment does not guarantee reservation. Reservations must be made through our online reservation system here. You can view current DPS availability here

Bring proof of payment to lab staff in room 023 when coming for your appointment - this can be an email receipt or paper copy from the main office in room 102.
Advance reservations are highly recommended, especially near the end of a quarter.


There are four workstations available:

  • Copystand for smaller, flat work
  • Tabletops with background material for small, 3D work
  • Tented tabletop to control reflection for glass and metal work
  • Large space for large flat and 3D work

Tripods, lighting, and a digital SLR camera are provided.
There is also a computer workstation for transferring your files from the camera's media card to your external drive or email.


Students using the DPS are provided with limited assistance from staff to learn how to use the equipment. Periodic workshops will provide students with strategies and resources for pulling together their work into a professional presentation. Workshops are advertised each quarter.

Faculty Usage

The photography workstations and equipment are primarily for the use of School students. Student reservations take priority, and faculty who wish to use the equipment for teaching or personal use, whether in person or via their assistants, may do so only on a walk-in basis and standard usage fees will apply.

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Technology + Equipment