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Use of the School’s Woodshop is restricted to students currently registered for studio classes who have completed the required Woodshop orientation / training and are working on School class projects.


The School’s Woodshop is located on the first floor of the Art Building in rooms 115 and 117. Enter through room 117. There is no after hours access. The Division of Design manages some adjunct equipment located in rooms 113 and 123E. Access to this equipment is primarily limited to Design students and faculty.

Training / Skill Development

Woodshop training is provided in the context of School curricula. Most students’ first contact with the Woodshop is through an introductory course within their program. These introductory courses schedule class time in the Woodshop to discuss and practice safe wood working skills specific to a field of study. These skills may be building a canvas stretching frame or panel, building a series of small tables, exploring negative and positive space through construction / deconstruction of a series of cubes, among many others.

Typically a student’s first visit to the Woodshop includes an introduction to safe practices and conduct given by the instructional technician. The student will also fill out paperwork to register as a current user of the Woodshop.

Available Equipment

View the list of Woodshop equipment.

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