Piazza San Marco by Canaletto

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Studio Art in Rome

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(Photo: Curt Labitzke)
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Every other autumn quarter, the School of Art + Art History + Design offers a unique opportunity to study and create art in the vibrant and legendary city of Rome. Through site visits within the city as well as field trips to additional areas of interest in Italy, students experience firsthand some of the most influential artwork of Western civilization, much of it still in the context for which it was created. Living and working in the center of historic Rome allows for daily encounters with the rich layers of ancient, classical, medieval, baroque, and contemporary visual culture which have made the city a destination for artists throughout history. Early in the program, the group will travel to Venice for the 57th Biennale, arguably the most prestigious exhibition of contemporary art in the world.

In the UW Rome Center studios, the students pursue solutions to assignments designed to provide a framework for making art amid the saturation of visual stimulation that exemplifies Rome. The students also develop and research individual projects that may respond directly to some aspect of their new experiences or continue to build upon previous studio work. This program is intensive and interdisciplinary in nature.

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Quarter-long Programs
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