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Studio Art in Spain

 Palacio de Gaudi
Palacio de Gaudi, Spain; photo by Caleb Hernandez

The Studio Art in Spain program offers a unique opportunity to study at the University of Washington Leon Center in Leon, Spain.


The program is intensive and interdisciplinary in nature. Art undergraduate and graduate students will be given priority. Participants will be selected on the basis of high scholarship, academic preparation, personal motivation, emotional maturity, statement of intent, financial responsibility and faculty recommendation.

Facilities and Lodging

The University of Washington’s Leon Center is located in the magnificent seventeenth century Palacio. This facility offers studio space, lecture facilities, library resources, a computer lab and support staff.

Students will be housed in shared apartments throughout Leon. The program also arranges shared accommodations during scheduled field trips. Single rooms are not available.


Visual Resources (10 Credits)

This course will introduce students to the art, architecture and culture of Spain through lectures, field trips and daily experiences. In addition, students will be required to maintain a thorough sketchbook and/or visual diary documenting their experiences throughout the program.

Studio Projects (5 Credits)

Individual studio projects are to be determined by the students in consultation with their faculty. By mid-quarter, students will be asked to identify and begin work on a major final project. There will be a final group exhibition near the end of the program.

Students are expected to participate in group critiques and individual discussions with faculty.

Spanish (2 Credits)

Spanish for travelers will be taught as Credit / No Credit. We also recommend that students take a Spanish language course prior to departure.

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Quarter-long Programs
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