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Art History Minor

Professor Katie Bunn-Marcuse and visiting artist Sonny Assu at the Burke Museum
Professor Katie Bunn-Marcuse and visiting artist Sonny Assu at the Burke Museum, UW Seattle Campus

About the Art History minor

Art History is the ultimate inter-discipline. It exists between the visual and the verbal, and it trains us to see the world around us with new clarity. It helps us articulate our thoughts through clear and critical language.

Images saturate our lives - think about all the images used in social media today. Studying Art History can help raise our visual literacy and teach us to "read" the language of images.

If you are majoring in another department but want to learn more about Art History, the minor makes it easy for you to gain real insight Art History’s unique strengths while leaving plenty of time for your major.

Students from many different majors (Computer Science, Engineering, Communications, and a range of other STEM and media-related fields) discover that an Art History minor enhances their studies. The minor is also an ideal pairing with Art, Design, History, English, and numerous additional Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences disciplines.

An Art History minor can help you develop the ability to recognize the power of images and objects, along with critical-thinking and writing skills - all powerful assets in a variety of careers, ranging from technology to advertising.


A total of 30 credits of Art History (ART H) classes are required to complete a minor . A minimum of 15 credits must be Upper Division courses (300-level or above). In addition, at least 15 credits must be completed in residence at the University of Washington (non-transfer courses).

Declaring the Minor

Any undergraduate student with at least junior standing (90 credits completed) may declare a minor, even a student who has not yet declared a major. There are no departmental admission requirements for the minor. See the academic adviser in your major to add an Art History minor.