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Critical Issues in Contemporary Art 2014

Submitted on November 24, 2012 - 12:00am
Critical Issues in Contemporary Art 2014 Poster

Starting on January 16th and ending on March 13th this year, there will be seven public presentations by cutting-edge creators and curators talking about their work. This lecture series is being held in conjunction with Art 361/595 (Critical Issues in Contemporary Art) being taught by Eric Fredericksen, and it is part of the Nebula Project.

“the whole world + the work = the whole world.” This text, from Martin Creed’s Work No. 232 (2000), provides the conceptual framework for this year’s class. The equation can be read, pessimistically, to suggest that artworks make no impact on the world. It can also be read as a claim that works of art are not autonomous objects, but are completely immersed in the world around them. Through open conversations, this series encourages local engagement with global issues.

All presentations are on Thursdays at 7pm and take place in the auditorium of the Henry Art Gallery. Below is a list of the lectures. Follow the links to learn more about each one.

While the lectures are free, reserving a seat is strongly recommended. Each date link below has information on how to do that and how standby seating works.

16 January 2014 – Allyson Vieira

23 January 2014 – Stephen Vitiello

13 February 2014 – Paul Elliman

20 February 2014 – Amanda Ross-Ho

27 February 2014 – Jennifer West

06 March 2014 – Daniel Baumann

13 March 2014 – Geoffrey Farmer

NOTE: The lectures in this series are being video recorded, and each video will be posted in a Vimeo album within a week after the lecture.

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