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Faculty + Alums in LA Show

Submitted on March 20, 2013 - 1:00am

Opening on 12 January 2013 in Los Angeles is an exhibition titled I-5 Connects: Prographica at Koplin Del Rio – A Seattle Exchange. The show developed because of the professional relationship between Painting + Drawing Professor Emeritus Norman Lundin, who is director of Prographica, a gallery in Seattle, and the director of Koplin Del Rio in Los Angeles. In addition to some work by Lundin, two current faculty and ten School of Art alumni (listed below) are among the seventeen artists being shown in this exhibition. I-5 Connects will remain up through 09 February 2013.

Kimberly Clark (MFA 2011)
Ellen Garvens, Professor, Photomedia
Tamblyn Gawley (MFA 2012)
Philip Govedare, Professor, Painting + Drawing
Laura Hamje (BFA 2008)
Caroline Kapp (MFA 2007)
Dale Lindman (MFA 1982)
Sean McElroy (MFA 2011)
Elizabeth Ockwell (BFA 1967)
Anne Petty (MFA 2009)
Laura Swytak (MFA 2010)
Evelyn Woods (MFA 1993)