Palace Pelagic by Sarah Norsworthy

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Bellingham National 2015

Submitted on May 28, 2015 - 1:05pm

The Whatcom Museum hosts this exhibition from May 31 through September 6. Scott Lawrimore, Director of the Jacob Lawrence Gallery, was the juror. From over 600 applications, he selected 101 pieces by more than 60 artists. Lawrimore leads a walk through of the show on Sunday, May 31, at 1pm. A number of the artists happen to have School connections:

Matthew Schau Allen (MFA 2015)
Julie Alpert (MFA 2008)
Lacy Draper (MFA 2013)
Julia Freeman (MFA 2007)
Cable Griffith (MFA 2002)
Andrew Keating (MFA 1974)
Paul Komada (BFA 2000)
Amanda Lee (BA 1999)
Amie McNeel (3D4M Professor)
Coley Mixan (MFA 2015)
Anna Mlasowsky (3D4M MFA Student)
Mystical Orchid (BFA 2014/2015)
Yuki Nakamura (MFA 1997)
Nicholas Nyland (BFA 1999)
Keeara Rhoades (MFA 2008)
Serrah Russell (BFA 2009)
Harriet Sanderson (BFA 1988, MFA 1990)
Rodrigo Valenzuela (MFA 2012)

homepage spotlight image credit: Paul Komada; upper portion of Vision After The Sermon, 2014, Hand-knit yarn and acrylic on canvas; Courtesy of the artist.