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2015 Neddy and Genius Awards

Submitted on June 25, 2015 - 10:53am

The Stranger Genius Awards were announced on September 12. Mary Ann Peters (MFA 1977) won in the visual art category. Congratulations! She will receive a $5,000 award. Read more about the awards event in this blog post. You may also read more about Peters in this article.


This year’s Neddy Artist Award winners were announced on August 19. Matt Browning (BFA 2007) was selected in the Painting category. Congratulations! He will receive an unrestricted cash award of $25,000. Read more in this press release.


June 10 was a busy day in Seattle to publish information about nominees/finalists for two of the big arts awards in the area. Winners of either award will receive $25,000.

The Stranger published the names of this year’s Genius Awards nominees in a May 18 post, but profiles of the nominees did not appear until their Seattle Art and Performance feature in June. One of the nominees in the visual art category is Mary Ann Peters (MFA 1977). As always, the winners in each category will not be announced until the big Genius Awards event on Saturday, September 12. Read more about the Genius Awards here.

Six of the eight finalists for the Neddy Artist Awards were educated at the School. Unusually, all the artists in the painting category are our alumni: Matt Browning (BFA 2007), Paul Komada (BFA 2000), Elise Richman (BFA 1995), and Robert Yoder (MFA 1987). Two of the open medium finalists received MFA degrees here: Leo Saul Berk (1999) and Rodrigo Valenzuela (2012). The finalists were announced in a Cornish College of the Arts press release since the award is housed there. All finalists will be part of the Neddy Artist Awards Exhibition at the Cornish Main Gallery, which will run September 9 through October 24. Read more about the Neddy on this webpage.