Shiva as Lord of Dance (Nataraja), Indian (Tamil Nadu)

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Out of Sight

Submitted on July 6, 2016 - 4:51pm

August 4–28, 2016
King Street Station

This is a massive exhibition that surveys contemporary Pacific Northwest art. Visit their website to purchase tickets and learn about the selected artists. Scott Lawrimore, Director of the Jacob Lawrence Gallery, and Justen Waterhouse (BFA 2015) are working on this show. Among the artists are a number of School of Art + Art History + Design alumni, a staff member, and two retired faculty members:

Nola Avienne (MFA 2007)
Alex Boeschenstein (BA 2015)
Mel Carter (BFA 2014)
Francis Celentano (Professor Emeritus)
Max Cleary (BFA 2014)
Kerstin Graudins (BFA 2000)
Gail Grinnell (BFA 1988)
Victoria Haven (BFA 1989) as part of DAFT KUNTZ
Leena Joshi (staff)
Paul Komada (BFA 2000)
Mario Lemafa (BFA 2013)
Norman Lundin (Professor Emeritus)
Norie Sato (MFA 1974)
Hanita Schwartz (MFA 2010)
Rodrigo Valenzuela (MFA 2012)
Brent Watanabe (BFA 1995)
Jennifer Zwick (BFA 2004)

Out of Sight opens at the same time as the second annual Seattle Art Fair. Read about the Fair and all the other concurrent gallery exhibitions.