Madonna and Child by Simone Martini

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Submitted on November 17, 2016 - 2:13pm

This exhibition is a wide-ranging selection of paintings by artists in the Greater Seattle area, which will be on view at V2, the old Value Village building on Capitol Hill that has been serving as a temporary art space. Organized by Matthew Offenbacher, the exhibition is sponsored by Hedreen Gallery at Seattle University. Here are the key dates:

Exhibition: November 28 – December 17, 2016
Gallery Hours: Tuesdays – Fridays, 12-2pm (and by appointment)
Opening party: Thursday, December 8, 5-8pm
Closing party for exhibition and V2: December 17, 8-11 pm

Among those selected to show their work are twenty-two artists related to the School:

Julie Alexander (BFA 1981)
Jac Chartier (MFA 1994)
Claire Cowie (MFA 1999, Lecturer in IVA)
Pat De Caro (MFA 1982)
Emily Gherard (MFA 2004)
Cable Griffith (MFA 2002)
Laura Hamje (BFA 2008)
Victoria Haven (BFA 1989)
Leena Joshi (staff member)
Paul Komada (BFA 2000)
Margie Livingston (MFA 1999)
Sara Long (BFA 2008)
Sherry Markovitz (MFA 1975)
Abraham Murley (MFA 2014)
Brian Murphy (MFA 1999)
Tuan Nguyen (MFA 1999)
Sarah Norsworthy (MFA 2015)
Nicholas Nyland (BFA 1999)
Doug Parry (BFA 1988)
Whiting Tennis (BFA 1984)
Kimberly Trowbridge (MFA 2006)
Robert Yoder (MFA 1987)