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Tihanyi + Alums Win Tech-Specific Grants

Submitted on January 9, 2017 - 1:40pm

4Culture announced on January 4 the winners of this year's Tech-Specific grants. Among the recipients are:

  • Interdisciplinary Visual Arts Senior Lecturer Timea Tihanyi (MFA 2003), $5,000
  • Katherine Groesbeck (MFA 2015), $1,800
  • Emily Pothast (MFA 2005), $5,100
  • Juniper Shuey (BFA 2001) of zoe | juniper, $5,000

Additional information about these Tech-Specific grants may be found on the 4Culture website.

If we have missed anyone who is part of one of the groups that won a grant this year, let us know.