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Facebook AIR Alums

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Submitted on April 10, 2017 - 12:05pm

Facebook started an Artist in Residence (AIR) Program in 2012 at their San Francisco headquarters. It was so successful that it has expanded to other offices, including Seattle. Since last year, we have been hearing about School alums who have created work for this program. Then, on March 21, CityArts posted an article profiling the program in Seattle and including numerous photos. We learned through that piece of another alum who has participated.

Here are the alums with Seattle projects:

Evan Blackwell
MFA 2008
Spring 2016 commission

Electric Coffin
includes Patrick "Duffy" De Armas (BA 2010)
Spring 2016 commission
Winter 2017 commission

Claire Cowie
MFA 1999 and current Lecturer
Winter 2017 commission
she is quoted in the CityArts article

Katy Stone
MFA 1994
Winter 2017 commission
watch video

If you want to follow the Facebook AIR Program, you may do so on Facebook and Instagram. They have albums on Facebook for many of the other projects in Seattle and at other offices.

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