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2017 Seattle Art Fair and Beyond

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Submitted on July 14, 2017 - 4:31pm

The third year of Seattle Art Fair is here. There are a number of School-affiliated people who have work being shown at the Fair as well as at Seattle-area exhibitions during the Fair.

Seattle Art Fair

August 3–6, 2017
CenturyLink Field Event Center

Be sure to visit the Seattle Art Fair website for full information about the Fair, exhibitors, and associated events.

The School of Art + Art History + Design is once again a cultural partner of the Fair and, for the first time, will have a table at the Fair. Stop by and say hello.


Here are the galleries participating this year that have School-affiliated people. The galleries are in Seattle unless otherwise noted.

Abmeyer + Wood Fine Art is presenting Ford Crull (BFA 1976) as one of their artists in Booth B19.

ACA Galleries of New York City has the late Professor Emeritus Jacob Lawrence as one of their two featured artists in Booth B28.

Adams and Ollman of Portland is showing Ellen Lesperance (BFA 1995) in Booth C6.

Bridge Productions is featuring Emily Gherard (MFA 2004) in Booth C4.

Elizabeth Leach Gallery of Portland is presenting Isaac Layman (BFA 2003) as one of their artists in Booth E9.

G. Gibson Gallery (owner, BFA 1985) is showing Professor Emeritus Robert C. Jones and collaborative work by Eirik Johnson (BFA 1997) in Booth B3.

Greg Kucera Gallery (owner, BFA 1980) is featuring Chris Engman (BFA 2003) as well as the late Professor Emeritus Michael Dailey in Booth A18. They are also displaying work by Victoria Haven (BFA 1989), Sherry Markovitz (MFA 1975), Roger Shimomura (BA 1961), and Whiting Tennis (BFA 1984).

James Harris Gallery (owner is current Advisory Board member) is presenting Claire Cowie (MFA 1999), Alwyn O'Brien (MFA 2010), and the late Professor Emeritus Akio Takamori among their artists in Booth A4.

Linda Hodges Gallery is including Polina Tereshina (BFA 2013) in Booth C32.

SEASON, owned by Robert Yoder (MFA 1987), is in Booth D6.

Shift Gallery is presenting Eric Day Chamberlain (BA/BFA 1997) as one of their artists in Booth B25.

Woodside/Braseth Gallery is showing Jaq Chartier (MFA 1994) and Victoria Adams (BFA 1979) in Booth D18. We hear that work by Professor Emeritus Michael Spafford and late Professor Emeritus Jacob Lawrence is also included.


Two projects presented during the Fair involve alums.

Ellen Lesperance (BFA 1985), W.I.T.C.H. 1985, presented with Adams and Ollman of Portland in Booth C6.

Mary Ann Peters (MFA 1977), the world is a garden...,  presented with James Harris Gallery (owner is current Advisory Board member) in Booth A4 .


Articles that make mention of our alums and/or are written by alums.

"W.I.T.C.H. Way" by Wendy Vogel. Artforum, 8/22/17.

"The Third Seattle Art Fair Was the Biggest One Yet - Here’s What the Dealers Had to Say" by Emily Pothast (MFA 2005), The Stranger, 8/7/17.

"Third Edition of Seattle Art Fair Attracts City’s Growing Tech Set" by Alina Cohen. The Observer, 8/7/17.

"Seattle Art Fair solidifies standing in year three" by Sarah P. Hanson. The Art Newspaper, 8/5/17.

"Seattle Art Fair 2017 is Build for Comfort, Not for Speed, and It's Splendid" by T.S. Flock. VANGUARD Seattle, 8/4/17.

"Vying for Tech Collectors, Dealers at the Seattle Art Fair Try a Novel Approach: Old-Fashioned Art" by Eileen Kinsella. artnet news, 8/4/17.

"The vast Seattle Art Fair — 100 exhibitors! — brings plenty to discover" by Michael Upchurch. The Seattle Times, 8/4/7.

"Seattle Art Fair 2017 Talks and Performances: Our Recommendations" by T.S. Flock. VANGUARD Seattle, 7/31/17.

"Gray Guide: PNW Gallery Picks at Seattle Art Fair" by Rachel Gallaher. Gray, 7/31/17.

Other Venues

These are Seattle-area exhibitions taking place during the time of the Seattle Art Fair that include School-affiliated people.

Out of Sight is also in its third year. It takes place August 3–27 and has moved to a new location in the Pioneer Square area. Among the team working on this exhibition are Justen Waterhouse (BFA 2015), Holly Palmer (BA 2014), and Scott Lawrimore, the former Jacob Lawrence Gallery Director. A number of the artists being shown have School connections. Read more.

Abmeyer + Wood Fine Art: Bodies + Beings is a group show with work by Professor Emerita Patti Warashina (BA 1962, MFA 1964); dates are July 3 – September 2.

Base: LIKE LOVE is an exhibition that includes five alums, one of whom is also faculty: Nola Avienne (MFA 2007), Lydia Bassis (BFA 2003), Celeste Cooning (MFA 2007), Saya Moriyasu (BA/BFA 1991), Timea Tihanyi (Senior Lecturer and MFA 2003); dates are August 4–6.

Bryan Ohno: Mirage is a solo show by Laura Hamje (BFA 2008); dates are July 27 – August 26.

G. Gibson Gallery (owner, BFA 1985): Here's to the Future is a group exhibition that includes four alums: Cable Griffith (MFA 2002), Mary Iverson (BA 1989, MFA 2002), Serrah Russell (BFA 2009), and Samantha Scherer (MFA 1997); dates are July 14 – August 18.

Gallery4Culture: The Idea & The Thing Itself is a solo show by Jennifer Zwick (BFA 2004); dates are July 6 – August 7.

Harris/Harvey Gallery (Director Sarah Harvey is MA 2013): On Paper is a group exhibibition, and Kimberly Trowbridge (MFA 2006) is one of the artists; dates are August 3 – September 2.

Hoedemaker Pfeiffer: Fractured Landscapes is a 2-person exhibition that includes Dave Kennedy (MFA 2013); dates are July 7 – September 1.

Traver Gallery: Anna Mlasowsky (MFA 2016) is in a two-person show; dates are August 2 – September 2.

Woodside/Braseth Gallery: The Collector's Eye is a group show with work by several alums and former faculty — Victoria Adams (BFA 1979), Jaq Chartier (MFA 1994), Dennis Evans (BFA 1973, MFA 1975), Paul Havas (MFA 1965), the late Professor Emeritus Jacob Lawrence, the late Professor Emeritus Alden Mason (BA 1942, MFA 1947), Nancy Mee (BFA 1975), Penny Mulligan (BA 1979, MFA 1981), and the late Professor Emeritus George Tsutakawa (BA 1937, MFA 1950); dates are July 5 – August 12.

Zinc Contemporary: SAUDADE and other untranslatable words is an eight woman invitational exhibition that includes Layne Kleinart (BFA 1992), Holly Ballard Martz (BFA 1988), Gene Gentry McMahon (BFA 1976, MFA 1978), Barbara Robertson (MFA 1979), Shirley Scheier (Associate Professor Emeritus), and Katy Stone (MFA 1994); dates are August 3 – September 2.