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Design Pecha Kucha

Submitted on November 2, 2017 - 6:15pm

This is an annual event in which Design students give Pecha Kucha style presentations about their experiences over the summer. This year, it took place during the evening of Thursday, November 2, with an overflow audience. Below are some of the experiences.

Industrial Design

Emma Boyle

I worked this summer at fuseproject, an industrial design consultancy based in San Francisco and focused on design partnerships, strategic partnerships, and civic works. I participated in all of these areas, supporting design for three company projects and also doing one intern project for a potential client pitch. My work included ideation, prototyping, 3d modeling, CAD work, and rendering. Learning in this fast-paced environment taught me to be a quick, creative, and smart professional industrial designer.

Grace Budgett

The Netherlands Design Tour in June showed me so much about the creativity and fun that can exist within design. What struck me most was how artistic and explorative the approach to design is in the Netherlands, as well as how accommodating and friendly the professionals we visited were.

Ioan Butiu

Traveling to the Netherlands on the Design Tour was an eye-opening experience. I was not only exposed to incredible design work but also to a very different way of approaching design. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to explore a design culture that is so different from what I was used to, and I hope it will help inform my future work.

Katy Crabb

During spring and summer 2017, I worked as an Industrial Design Intern at Baden Sports helping to design a variety of sporting good products including soccer balls and baseball bats and also branding for both Baden and Axe Bat.

Jade Granger

I was hired this summer as a junior structural package designer at Wizards of the Coast in Renton. I took lead design roles in two major projects and supporting designer in two more. Most of my work consisted of rendering packaging concepts for proposal to stakeholders, moving into prototyping, and then into early production discussions with the associated vendors. I worked with Wizards of the Coast for ten weeks and have signed on to return in the fall.

Liliana Rasmussen

I spent part of my summer in Tokyo, Japan, participating in Graphic Design Arnhem's Summer Sessions. Graphic Design Arnhem, a graphic design school in The Netherlands, hosts an annual summer design workshop. Set in a different city each year, their Summer Sessions bring together participants from around the world for an intense two weeks of explorative research and design. We spent the time thinking about and researching Tokyo patterns, meeting Tokyo-based designers, and taking in the city, culminating in a final project and show. 

Interaction Design

Ali Chang

This summer I worked at Limeade as the UX Design Intern. Limeade is an employee engagement software tech company based in Bellevue that seeks to "inspire employee commitment by elevating company culture." I worked with the UX team on several different projects aimed at improving employee well-being, as well as with the intern team on an intern capstone project. Through my experience, I learned a lot about my design process, how important great company culture is, and how to make an impact as a designer no matter what your status is.

Monica Niehaus

This summer I worked at, a genealogy/DNA software company, in their San Francisco office. I was assigned to the AncestryDNA product as one of the UX interns, working on potential features that would bring new insights for AncestryDNA customers. It was such a meaningful experience to work on a product that had an intersection with science and technology. Being part of teams consisting of people with varying skills and overall expertise made the UX compelling and meaningful. The Ancestry product also had the capability of creating such an emotional impact with customers. Overall, it was fulfilling to work at a company with a great product made by passionate people. 

Krishang Swami

After my junior year in Design, I spent ten weeks as a User Experience Design intern at HBO, where I worked with many teams and learned from great mentors. I then traveled to India to visit family, enjoy festivals, and work as a line chef in a restaurant.

Theresa Utanto

I had the opportunity to work as a UX design intern at, a genealogy/DNA software company, at their headquarter office in Lehi, Utah. I was put into their mobile team, working on the Ancestry app on both iOS and Android platform. Being part of a multidisciplinary team on a product that quiet literally changes people's lives was a great learning experience that I will take on for the rest of my career.

Visual Communication Design

Olivia Carter

Over the spring and summer, I was the visual design intern for Seattle Reign FC. This gave me the opportunity to do a large variety of projects for web and print.

Cameron Coupe

I interned at turnstyle design studio in Fremont, which consisted of being an active designer on full scale branding and identity projects.

Eva Grate

As a graphic design intern at Starbucks this summer, I learned a lot about the wide range of work that a graphic designer can do and was inspired by the incredible talent around me in the studio. By rotating teams, I was pushed to work outside my comfort zone in areas such as illustration and was trusted with multiple projects on which I was the only designer, which I had not expected as an intern. I also gained confidence in my own abilities and am even more excited now to graduate and get my hands dirty in the “real world” of design.

Christen Miyasato

I interned at Intuit in Mountainview, California, over the summer. As a visual design intern for QuickBooks on the Innovation Practices team, I worked on content design, UI and UX design, and animation for conversational UI.

Jessica Perrin

I have always known I wanted to go into tech design and interning at Microsoft during the summer was an incredible introduction to the world of big tech. I am so thankful to my team for not only teaching me how to work but showing me how companies are bringing futuristic products into today’s world.

Chloe Yeo

During the summer, I completed an internship at Intuit as a visual design intern for the QuickBooks Self-Employed product. In the Mountain View office, I specialized in mobile and web design, tested designs with users, collaborated with teams from other products, and launched a new feature experience for the mobile platform.

Master of Design

Christopher Seeds

I interned at Microsoft on the Hololens Experience Team this summer. My work included concepting and designing future scenarios for the Windows Mixed Reality platform.